Employee Recognition Program Disbursement Request

UCLA Business and Finance Services (BFS) administers the Employee Recognition and Reward Program (ERRP), in which non-cash awards in the form of either gift cards or BruinCard Easy Pay deposits are distributed for the purchase of goods (not services).

1. Adhere to University and IRS Regulations.

  • Requesting departments must be in compliance with BUS-49 (Policy for Cash and Cash Equivalence Received), UCLA Policy 361 (Cash Handling and Security), UC G-41 (Employee Non-Cash Awards), and UCLA Safe Requirements (if storing gift cards).
  • Non-cash awards may not exceed $75.00 per award, per employee, with a maximum of three awards per employee per calendar year. If an employee received recognition exceeding either of these limits, it must be reported on their W-2. To comply with this IRS regulation, departments must generate a list of recipients who meet this threshold, as well as collect their W-9 form. You must submit the participant list (which should only contain the participant(s)' name, address, and amounts received) to Corporate Accounting ([email protected]). Please contact Scott Montalik ([email protected]) for any inquiries in regard to W-9.
  • For non-cash award requests issued to non-employees, please see policy G-42 (Gifts Presented to Non-Employees on Behalf of the University) and contact UCLA Accounts Payable for more information. You may also inquire about check payments for employees.

2. Fill out the Appropriate Employee Recognition Request Form

Non-Cash award typerequired form
Gift CardEmployee Recognition Program
BruinCard Easy Pay DepositBruinCard Recharge Order Request (ROR)

Please fill out the most recent version of the required form(s) entirely and accurately, or your request processing will be delayed.

3. Gift card disbursement processing

Please view the Gift Card Guide to view the cost, card type, and return policies associated with preferred and non-preferred gift cards prior to making your gift card selection.

Delivery for preferred gift cards will be made within ten (10) business days and will only be released to the active, Authorized Personnel identified on the form. Non-preferred gift card delivery may take up to four (4) weeks, depending on the vendor's processing and delivery schedule.

Once your request is approved, a PSC representative will reach out to you to coordinate a Dunbar delivery.

4. BruinCard Disbursement Processing

The BruinCard Center requires up to three (3) business days to process disbursements once received, depending on volume. You will receive an notice via the MyUCLA Message Center when the disbursement has been made.

See the BruinCard Recharge Order Request guide for step-by-step instructions on submitting an ROR. and visit BruinCard to view a list of current BruinCard Merchants.

BruinCard payments cannot be returned after the disbursement is made. If you made an error with a recipient's name, UID, or amount, please Ask BruinCard to see if any steps can be taken.