Understanding BruinBill

BruinBill is the UCLA campus billing platform for tuition, campus charges, and more. Expand any of the sections below to watch a brief video that explains a BruinBill feature or policy. A transcript is featured below the video.
  • BruinBill Basics
  • Accessing BruinBill

    You can manage BruinBill at my.ucla.edu 24/7. To access BruinBill, go to my.ucla.edu and log on. Select the Finances and Jobs tab, then BruinBill from the menu under the BruinBill section. Keep an eye out for alerts informing you of technical errors or maintenance on BruinBill. By selecting Continue to BruinBill, you verify that you’ve read the Monthly Billing Notice. The monthly billing notice, or BruinBill Message, contains important billing dates and information from multiple UCLA departments. It is important that you review the BruinBill Message every month and make note of the deadlines. You can access the message on the MyUCLA BruinBill Portal or via the FAQs at studentaccounts.ucla.edu. If a third party needs access to a student BruinBill account, make sure they sign-up for third party access via MyUCLA.

    BruinBill Landing page

    Your BruinBill landing page has several features. Under the My Account section, the default term is set to the most recent term. You can use the drop-down menu to browse previous terms. The Registration Fees & Campus Charges account documents tuition and registration fees, as well as various campus charges. The Housing account is for UCLA Housing fees, including meal plans. The Transportation account documents Transportation fees that have been posted to BruinBill. Depending on your fees, you may not see all of these accounts on your BruinBill. Click on your account balance under Registration Fees & Campus Charges to view a line-item description of your account for the respective term. For each charge, there is a post date, transaction description, due date, and indication of whether the line item is a charge or a payment. If you have questions about a charge, you should contact the UCLA department associated with the charge. Some transactions have phone numbers listed in the description if you have a question. At the end of your transaction list, you’ll find your current account balance. The Payments & Refunds section provides a list of all payments received and refunds. Click on the blue VIEW link to view more details, such as the receipt number, for each transaction. Use the My BruinDirect section to sign up or manage your BruinDirect information. Use the My BruinPay Plans section to sign up or manage your BruinPay plan information. Use the My Auto Payments section to sign up or manage your Auto Pay plans. Save or edit account information under My Saved Accounts to remember bank accounts when you make a payment. To make a BruinBill payment, select Make a Payment and enter the amount you wish to pay for each account shown. Then proceed to Make Payment. Please note that credit card payments are charged a non-refundable 2.75% per transaction fee. However, eCheck payments are not charged a service fee. For more payment options, visit studentaccounts.ucla.edu and select BruinBill Payment Methods Guide to learn more.

  • Management Features
  • Bruinpay Plan

    Student Accounts offers various options to Bruins for managing BruinBill. Eligible students can sign up for BruinPay Plan prior to the beginning of each quarter. BruinPay Plan divides quarterly tuition into three monthly installments. If you are eligible for BruinPay Plan, you will see the option to enroll on BruinBill under My BruinPay Plan during the enrollment period. The enrollment period is prior to the beginning of each term. You must enroll in BruinPay Plan during the active enrollment period, prior to every term that you wish to be on the plan, no exceptions. BruinPay Plan enrollment dates for eligible students are as follows: Quarter Students: Fall Term - Enrollment is open from 9/1 through 9/20, Winter Term - Enrollment is open from 12/1 through 12/20, Spring Term - Enrollment is open from 3/1 through 3/20. Semester Students: Fall Term - Enrollment is open from 8/1 through 8/20, Spring Term - Enrollment is open from 12/1 through 12/20. Your first of three installments, as well as the set-up fee, is due at the time of enrollment. The second installment will be deducted from the account you signed up with on the following month, and the third installment will be deducted the month afterwards. Please note that students receiving full financial aid are not eligible for BruinPay Plan.

    Auto Pay

    Auto Pay is a BruinBill contract that automatically deducts your BruinBill balance from a designated account once per month, for twelve deductions. You can sign up for Auto Pay separately for Housing, Summer Sessions, or Tuition & Registration Fees. To enroll, go to BruinBill and select the account for which you wish to enroll under My Auto Payments. Follow the prompts to complete your Auto Pay enrollment, including which day you would like your auto-deductions to occur, and which payment option the contract will be using. Once twelve BruinBill deductions have been made, you’ll be automatically unenrolled from the auto payment plan and will need to re-enroll if you wish to continue using the program. Please note you cannot be signed up for both BruinPay Plan and Auto Pay.

    Courtesy Communications

    Student Accounts distributes several courtesy communications throughout the year to help you manage your BruinBill. The quarterly Pre-Term Reminders outline important dates and deadlines for students on the quarter system. Bi-weekly billing reminders are also distributed to accounts with a BruinBill balance, and their authorized third parties. On the Student Accounts FAQ page, you will also find the monthly BruinBill Messages, an interdepartmental collaborative message that outlines important dates for every month. You can also follow Student Accounts at @UCLAStudentAcct on Twitter and like facebook.com/UCLAStudentAccounts to receive additional billing reminders and information. Please note that all communications are a courtesy to account holders. It remains the account holder’s responsibility to monitor BruinBill at all times and ensure their account is in good standing.

  • BruinBill Refunds
  • Financial Aid Refund Process

    Anticipated financial aid will display on the BruinBill Registration Fees & Campus Charges account once tuition and registration fees have been posted. You will be presented with a remaining out of pocket balance to pay. If the amount shown on Registration Fees & Campus Charges is negative (-), you have an anticipated financial aid refund in the amount shown and will be restricted from making payments until finalized financial aid is disbursed. If you recently accepted or changed your financial aid award, it may not display on BruinBill immediately. Please visit www.financialaid.ucla.edu for questions about your award status. Please note that your anticipated financial aid is a projection and not the finalized amount. In the event of an adjustment to your finalized financial aid amount, you are still responsible for abiding by the payment deadlines. When finalized financial aid is released to BruinBill, the disbursement will display on BruinBill as a payment on for Registration Fees & Campus Charges. If you have a financial aid refund, i.e. your balance was negative, your Registration Fees & Campus Charges account balance will become zero and the financial aid refund transaction will display under My Payments & Refunds. If you have a balance on the Housing or Transportation accounts, they must be settled with a separate payment; the financial aid disbursement will not automatically apply to these accounts. If you are relying on your financial aid refund to pay for Housing or Transportation account fees, sign up for BruinDirect so that your refund reaches your bank account as soon as possible and you can make a BruinBill payment for these accounts. Otherwise, you will be mailed a paper check to the official address you have on file with UCLA.


    The way that you receive BruinBill refunds depends on your BruinDirect enrollment status. BruinDirect allows you to receive your refund via a direct deposit into a U.S. checking or savings account 2-3 business days after the refund posts to BruinBill. If you are not enrolled in BruinDirect, BruinBill refunds will be disbursed via a mailed check to the official address you have on file with UCLA. The process may take up to ten business days. Please note that Student Accounts is not responsible for delayed or lost mailed payments, or for keeping your mailing address up to date with UCLA. We strongly encourage everyone to enroll in BruinDirect, whether or not you anticipate a refund. To enroll in BruinDirect, go to your BruinBill. Under the My BruinDirect section, select Sign up for My BruinDirect. Select Yes, I want refunds deposited directly into my bank account and follow the prompts to enter the bank account information for your direct deposits. You can edit your BruinDirect account at any time on BruinBill. Enrollment is immediate.

  • Delinquent Accounts & Holds
  • Delinquent Accounts

    Charges posted from previous months are always due the following month by the 20th, in person by 4:00 p.m. or online by 5:00 p.m., with the exception of select self-supporting programs. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, then payment is due the last business day prior to the 20th. If your account remains unpaid after the deadline, a non-refundable $20.00 delinquent fee will be applied to your account for each month that the account remains in delinquent status. If you have an unpaid delinquent balance on BruinBill, you’ll also receive a KR financial hold that prevents enrollment. Once the entire account balance is paid, including the root charge that went unpaid, the hold will be automatically lifted and the account will be returned to good standing. If your account remains in delinquency for three months, your account will be pending referral to the Student Loan Services & Collections Office. Collection fees in the amount of $12.00 may also be applied to the account to offset the cost of sending collection letters. You may be issued up to two collection fees if your account remains in delinquency. If a charge on BruinBill ages six months from the post date without payment, the unpaid charges will be referred to the UCLA Student Loan Services & Collections Office and a hold will be issued on the student’s account. After referral, all questions regarding the write-off account, including hold removal, should be directed to the UCLA Student Loan Services & Collections Office, as Student Accounts will no longer be managing the balance.

    Returned Check Payments

    If you make a check payment, including an online eCheck, and the payment is returned by the bank, you will receive a KC financial hold that prevents enrollment. Possible reasons for a returned check include: Invalid Account Number, Cannot Locate Account, and Insufficient Funds. A non-refundable return check processing fee in the amount of $25.00 will be posted to your BruinBill account. Your hold can be removed only when both the returned check fee and the original amount owed are paid. Please note that if payment was made via paper or electronic check, a waiting period of five business days must be passed for the payment to clear before the hold can be removed. Any person who has three or more checks returned unpaid to the University will be placed on a “Cash Only” basis (i.e. cash, credit card, cashier’s check, or money order) for all future transactions. Students with three returned checks will not be able to participate in future BruinPay Plans.