Corporate Accounting Staff Directory

Name Function Phone / InfoEmail* / Info
Bonner, LauraAssociate Controller(310) 794-8777lbonner
Broadbooks, DanaOnline Recharge System Set-up & Support
Fund Manager - Auxiliary Enterprises
(310) 794-6177dbroadbo 
Chinniah, DavidAssistant Manager, Corporate Accounting,
Financial Control
(310) 794-8259dchinnia
Chhoeung, Jennifer

Fund Manager - Gift Funds & Work Study Funds
Intercampus recharges & responses
Fund Manager - Endowments 

(310) 206-7911jchhoeung 
Ngo, SusanFund Manager - Endowment Funds, Gift Funds &
Work Study Funds Intercampus rechages & responses
(310) 794-6980sngo
Nguyen, DanielFund Manager - Agency Funds, Summer Sessions & UNEX Funds
Recharge ID # setup, Special State Appropriations, Interlocation Transfer of
Funds (budget), Account/CC Establishment
(310) 794-3900dnguyen
Plengsangtip, NatashaFund Manager - Health Sciences Sales & Services(310) 794-8211nplengsangtip
Villalobos, Yesenia

Faculty Loans
Financial System Support

(310) 794-8738yvillalobos 
Yun, DokFund Manager - UC General Funds, Instructional Enhancement & Course Material funds(310) 794-2664dyun

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