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Course Overview

Created for departmental preparers, approvers and faculty and staff who travel or host events on official University business, Travel and Entertainment Policies and Procedures covers practices and restrictions associated with University of California G-28 Travel Policy and BUS-79 Entertainment Policy. The course is offered in conjunction with the e-learning course for Express, UCLA’s online reimbursement system for business travel and entertainment expenses.


Through online videos, trainees will the University policies for: 


  • Air and Ground Transportation
  • Fuel, Mileage and Parking
  • Domestic and Foreign Lodging and Meals
  • Conference Registration Fees and Miscellaneous Travel Expenses


  • Types of Allowable Events
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Events that Require Additional Approval or an Exception to Policy
  • Funding Source Restrictions

Additionally, through screencast videos, Express approvers will learn how to:

  • Locate expense reports submitted for their review
  • View receipts, expense details and notes
  • Review exceptions and edit approved amounts
  • Approve, reject or return an expense report for more information

With focus on specific UCLA campus guidelines in addition to overall UC policy, the course is not mandatory, but highly recommended for travel and entertainment preparers and approvers.

Online training will be coupled with drop-in technical sessions for one-on-one help with particularly difficult topics or complex matters.

Course Requirements

  • Internet Access
  • Valid UCLA Logon ID and password

Additional Resources


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