Direct Deposit Bank Table

The Direct Deposit Bank Table is a list of financial institutions that are set up for Direct Deposit in the Personnel Payroll System (PPS). It is a web-based version of a PPS control table. The PPS control table is available in Document Direct (PPP0422) or the OASIS Report Distribution System (RDS) under the name of Surepay Bank Table. Additional information about the Surepay Bank Table may be found in the EDB Manual, Section B4.

Printing the File

Printing the entire bank table or sections of the table is not recommended; the complete list is over 500 pages and it is updated several times a week, each time a new financial institution is added or removed.

Search Tips

  • Use the bank information from a pre-printed voided check. Do not use a deposit slip as this does not usually have all of the required information.
  • To search the table, use the Find command in the PDF menu.
  • Search for a specific bank by the routing number. Try not to search by bank name; many banks have merged and name changes sometimes take awhile to occur.  
  • An audio step-by-step video demonstration on how to search the table is included in the related information.
  • If the employee's bank is not found in the list, set the check disposition in the employee's record on the EDB to paper check and have the employee sign up for direct deposit in At Your Service Online (AYSO). AYSO has a complete list of all financial institutions and will add the bank information to the bank table, accordingly.

Reminder: Foreign financial institutions cannot be established for direct deposit.

Contents of the Direct Deposit Bank Table

Codes in the EDB are set up for financial institutions to receive payroll Direct Deposit from the univeristy. The codes are used to initiate or change Direct Deposit of payroll in the EDB.

The list is in routing/ABA transit number order. It includes guidelines for the format of the bank account that have been provided by the banking institution.

Row NameDescription
Bank IDA code that identifies the financial institution.
Bank Name

The financial institution's name. Additional information appears beneath the Bank Name regarding the proper way to identify and enter the checking or savings account number.

Routing/ABA Transit NoThe transit routing number for the financial institution.
Checking Format
& Savings Format

Guidelines for account information as provided by the financial institution. This is a description of how the account information should be entered in the PPS.  Below are the indicators that appear in the account format:


/represents a number
@ represents an alphabetic character
- indicates a dash
= may represent a space, variable formats (alpha/numeric), or to indicate a varying number of characters

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