PPS Schedule - Column Descriptions




The day on which checks and direct deposits are issued/available.

Pay Cycle

The pay cycle code for the payday used by the PTR (Payroll Time Reporting) preparer to schedule a transaction for a specific future payday.

Pay Period

The pay period for the associated payday. The pay period end date (the date following the dash) is used by the PTR preparer to schedule a transaction for a specific future payday. All transactions, including on-line expense transfers, must be scheduled for future paydays.

After entering the pay cycle and pay end date on any of the PTR screens, the PTR preparer should review the check date displayed by the system. If the date displayed by the system is for a payday in the past or one for which the pay compute has already been run, the PTR preparer should cancel the transaction by pressing F5.

Roster Available* & Monthly Maintenance (MM)

Roster Available - The first day the roster and checklist can be accessed on-line for a specific payday. Once the roster is available for a particular payday, departments should consider how processing EDB updates may affect the roster for an employee whose time is entered on the roster. 

For example, an employee in your department is paid biweekly. He is being promoted effective 02/01/13. Today's date is 01/24/13. The roster for the 01/30/13 biweekly payday is available and you are entering time on the roster for this employee. The pay compute date for the payday of 01/30/13 is 01/24/13.

The best time to process the promotion for this employee would be from 01/25/13 (after the pay compute for the 01/30/13 biweekly payday) to 01/28/13 (before the roster is available for the next biweekly payday of 02/13/13).

If the promotion is entered into the EDB after the roster is available, the EDB preparer should have the PTR preparer review the time roster the day following the EDB update to see if time or leave entered on the roster has been blocked and must be entered again.

For more information about the roster and the checklist, refer to the PTR Manual, Section C.

Monthly Maintenance (MM) - the night that appointments and distributions with end dates that are at least one month prior to the current month are dropped from the EDB. For example, Monthly Maintenance (MM) run on 02/26/13 will drop appointments and distributions with end dates of 01/31/13 and earlier.

Last Day to Process Web Expense Transfer for review

The last day that a Payroll (Web) Expense Transfer can be processed and submitted to EFM for review for a specific pay compute process date. For information on completing the Payroll Expense Transfer, refer to the PTR Manual, Section D10.

Last Day to Update EDB & Affect Roster

The last day to change data on the Employee Database (EDB) and have the change reflected on the roster. It is also the last day to add a new hire to the roster.

SIS Interface (S) - The SIS interface runs at least two times during a quarter to pass student status and registered units from the Student Information System (SIS) to the EDB to accurately derive Retirement and FICA codes for student employees. SIS Interface dates are not normally available when the schedule is first produced for each year—they are added at a later date.

Last Day to Enter Time on the Roster*

The last day time can be entered or corrected on the roster for a specific payday.

Pay Compute

The most important date on the schedule. At night on this date, the PTR transactions held for processing for a specific payday are matched up with EDB data to produce paychecks and direct deposits for employees.

It is very important that the EDB data agrees with the data entered in PTR to produce correct paychecks and direct deposits. Please refer to the related article on the Pay Compute for more detailed information.

IPAY Screens Available

Large adjustment transactions should be verified on the IPAY (Payroll Audit Record Inquiry) screens. Other transactions can also be verified if necessary. More information about the Pay Compute process and the IPAY Screens can be found in the PPS Manual, Section C2.

Month Transactions Should Appear on PPP5302

Transactions processed for the paydays appearing in this section of the schedule that appear on the IPAY screens will be included in the PPP5302 (Distribution of Payroll Expense Report) and the General Ledger for the month, which is identified in this column of the schedule.

The PPP5302 is available on Document Direct. More information about month end and the PPP5302 is available in the PPS Manual, Section D1.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Roster transactions may be blocked or rejected when changes are made prior to the pay compute to EDB distributions that have time recorded for them on the PTR roster. As a result, employees may not get paid. If the EDB change is made late in the cycle (e.g., on or after the last day to enter time on the roster but before the pay compute), neither the PTR nor the EDB preparer will receive a system message warning them that the pay transaction is rejected because the reject will occur after the roster is no longer available.

In order to avoid such problems, the EDB preparer should normally end appointments and distributions and begin new ones instead of replacing data on current appointments and distributions. If in doubt, do not update the EDB until after the IPAY screens are available for a particular payday.