Payroll FAQs

Payroll is a distributed process at UCLA. Each department or administrative unit is responsible for processing the payroll for that unit. Generally, questions that you as an employee may have regarding your paycheck or direct deposit transaction should be directed to the person in your department or administrative unit responsible for processing payroll. We have provided a few common questions and answers below. Please consult with your supervisor or departmental payroll personnel if you have a specific question that cannot be answered by looking below or by accessing one of the related links listed on the right.

  • There is an error with my paycheck. Whom should I contact to fix it?
  • Please contact your departmental payroll representative to discuss any errors regarding your pay.
  • I bank with an out of state bank. Can I use my out state of bank account for direct deposit?
  • Yes, your departmental payroll representative can accept direct deposit transactions for out of state accounts. If in the future you change to a new bank and that bank is not set up on our table, your departmental payroll representative can contact our office and we will set up the bank for direct deposit.
  • What happens if my time is submitted late?
  • If you submit your time late, the departmental time processor has many options available including the following:

    -Process the time for the next available pay day.
    -Request a rush check. 

    The option that your department may have chosen could vary. Please contact your departmental payroll representative if your time is submitted late to determine which option is used.
  • What do I do if I have a garnishment or wage attachment in arrears?
  • Contact the Payroll Office when you have fulfilled your payments toward your arrears. It is the employee’s responsibility to track the payment toward arrears and notify Payroll Services to stop these payments.
  • I don't have direct deposit. How will I receive my paycheck?
  • Your paper pay check is distributed to your department and should be available through your departmental payroll representative on payday.
  • How will I receive my W-2 form?
  • It depends on if you selected the online W-2 version or the paper W-2 form. Please see the W-2 Form related article for more information regarding the two versions.
  • Why are some deductions taken out of every University paycheck I receive and others only on my regular paycheck?
  • There are two basic types of Payroll deductions. Some of these deductions also have a maximum amount that can be deducted per year or per month. Generally speaking, percent based deductions (such as taxes, FICA, etc.) are deducted from every paycheck and flat dollar deductions (such as parking, credit union, health insurance, etc.) are deducted only from your regularly scheduled paycheck. For deductions that have a maximum (such as FICA), the deduction will automatically stop when the maximum for the year is reached. The deduction will resume on the first payday of the next year.

    If you are a bi-weekly paid employee, there are two times a year when flat dollar deductions are not deducted from your paychecks. Since there are normally 26 bi-weekly paydays per year, there are two bi-weekly paydays each year (referred to as deduction holidays) which have no flat dollar deductions taken from paychecks. These deduction holidays are identified on the Biweekly Payroll Calendar and the Payday Calendar.
  • How do I calculate my Federal and State Withholding taxes or figure out my net pay?
  • You have two options:

    -The easiest and fastest method: go to At Your Service Online, under the Income & Taxes tab, go to Tax Withholdings to have the system estimate your tax withholdings.
    -Refer to the current Federal and State Withholding tax tables and the corresponding instructions.

    Once you know the withholding taxes, deduct the taxes and your deductions from your taxable gross earnings to determine your estimated net pay.

  • My papercheck was lost (or stolen or damaged). What should I do?

  • Please come to the Payroll Services Customer support window with the papercheck information or contact the Customer Support desk, for assistance. The address and phone number for the Customer Support desk is listed below.

  • Where can I get a schedule of all of the pay dates for the year and any campus closure/holidays?

  • The best place to see both the bi-weekly and monthly pay dates and the campus closure/holidays is by referring to the Payday Calendar.