April 23, 2014
At Your Service Password Reset Form Self-explanatory
Employee DOMA FICA Consent Form (DOC) DOMA Consent Form Instructions

I-9 Form (PDF)

Overview to Processing the I-9 Form Handbook for Employers (M-274) (PDF) Revised I-9 Handbook for Employers - Summary of Key Updates How to Complete Section 1 - for Employees Use Only (PDF)
I-9 Processor Form (PDF) How to Complete the I-9 Processor Form
Information Gathering for Guardian Key Roles Self-explanatory
Initial GLACIER Online Entry Form

Initial GLACIER Information Form Instructions

Late/Reduce Pay(EDLR) Worksheet (DOC)

How to Use the Late/Reduced (EDLR) Pay Worksheet

Oath & Patent Acknowledgement (PDF)

About the Oath and Patent Acknowledgement

Payroll Check Disposition Form (PDF)

Instructions on form

Payroll Feedback Form


Permission to Release Education Record Self-explanatory
Pretax Transportation Benefit Disclaimer Form - 2014 (DOC) Fax completed form to (310) 794-8751
Provisional Tax Statement Worksheet (DOC)

Provisional Tax Statement Worksheet Instructions

Remote Hire Authorized Agent Notice (PDF)

About the Remote Hire Authorized Agent Notice Form

Return Check for Reversal/Reduction Form (PDF)

PTR Manual, Section E8.4

States Withholding Requirements & Withholding Forms

Instructions available on each state's website

Unemployment Insurance Termination Report (PDF)

Unemployment Insurance Claim Information Letter (PDF)

California's Programs for the Unemployed (PDF)
About the Unemployment Insurance Termination Report

UPAY 830 - Out-f-State Income Tax Withholding Form (PDF)

UPAY 830 Instructions

UC W-4/DE 4 - Employee's Federal-State Withholding Allowance Certificate (PDF) IRS instructions included. For additional instructions, refer to: EDB Manual, Section B11.3
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