About the Oath and Patent Acknowledgment Form

The State Oath of Allegiance and the UC Patent Acknowledgment Form must be signed by the employee on or before the first day of hire (service).

Keep in mind that:

  • The Oath & Patent form is a legal document and, as such, there can be no extraneous marks on the form and no "white out".
  • The Oath and Patent form must be sent to Payroll Services after the Oath date has been entered into the EDB.
  • Departmental personnel or an authorized agent must witness the form.

See the EDB Manual, Section B11.1 for additional information regarding the form.

State Oath of Allegiance

  • Non U.S. Citizens (permanent residents, nonresident aliens, etc.) employees are not required to complete the Oath section of the form.
  • When a Permanent Resident shows proof (Certificate of Naturalization) that he or she has become a U.S. Citizen, then the Oath form must be completed, and forwarded to Payroll Services.
  • The date the employee signs the Oath is entered on the EPD2 screen.
  • All persons re-employed by the University after a separation must sign a new Oath if the date of re-employment is more than one year after the date on which the previous Oath was signed.
  • The Oath Signature Date is found on the IGEN or HPER screen in EDB Inquiry in order to determine when an employee last signed the Oath.
  • If an employee refuses to sign the Oath Form, please contact Payroll Services for immediate assistance.

Patent Acknowledgment

  • All employees, regardless of citizenship status, must sign the UC Patent Acknowledgment on or before the first day of service.
  • Persons not employed by the University but who use University research facilities and those who receive gift, grant or contract funds through the University must also sign the Patent Acknowledgment.
  • Contact the Office of Intellectual Property (OIPA) at (310) 794-0558 if an employee refuses to complete the Patent Acknowledgment form.