About the Remote Hire Authorized Agent Notice Form

Occasionally, a department may hire an employee who will be paid by the University yet will not physically work at the University. Regardless of where employees perform their duties, if employed within the United States, the I-9 must be completed.

Note: Regardless of the employee's location, the Patent Acknowledgment form must be completed.

  • The Remote Hire Authorized Agent Notice Form is designed to help departmental personnel process employees for UCLA, UCM or UCOP, who are at remote (distant) locations.
  • An authorized representative or agent is assigned to complete the form for the University.
  • An authorized representative or agent can be anyone that the departmental personnel officer assigns to act as an authorized agent for the UC (notary public, attorney, outside personnel officer, etc.).
  • The agent should be chosen carefully, since the hiring department (the UC) will be held responsible for the actions of the agent.
  • The hiring department completes the Remote Hire Authorized Agent Notice Form. The entire form must be completed. The departmental representative must check which documents are to be completed.
  • Always indicate the employee’s date of hire on the form. This is needed to complete the I-9 Form.
  • The completed Remote Hire Authorized Agent Notice form and the Remote Hire Notary Instruction sheet is given either to the employee or sent directly to the authorized agent. See Related Information.
  • The List of Acceptable Documents for the completion of the I-9 form along with the I-9 instructions sheet must be given to the employee. The employee completes section 1 of the I-9 form, only. See Related Links.
  • All I-9 paperwork procedures and deadlines are the same, whether the Remote Hire Authorized Agent Notice form is used or if the employee is hire at the campus site (see Related Links).
  • All forms completed by the agent, along with the Remote Hire Authorized Agent Notice Form, must be returned to Payroll Services.
  • If the required forms are completed by a notary, the notary stamp should be placed on the Remote Hire Authorized Agent Notice Form or attach a notary certificate.
  • The I-9 Form and Oath & Patent are required forms by either the Federal Government or UC policy. For this reason, all costs for the notarization must be paid by the hiring department.