About the Unemployment Insurance Termination Report

When an employee separates from the University, regardless if the separation is voluntary or involuntary, the Unemployment Insurance Termination Report (UI) should always be completed. The form is not necessary if there is a one day break in service and the employee will be rehired immediately.

Note: Failure to complete this form may subject the University to a penalty.

  • The front side of the report is completed by the departmental personnel officer, manager or supervisor.
  • The Reason for Separation on the UI report must match the separation Reason Code used on the ESEP screen in EDB (part of the SEPR bundle). For example, if the separation Reason Code of AD is used on the ESEP screen, this is also the same code that should be indicated on the report. See the EDB Manual for more information regarding the ESEP screen and the Separation Bundle.
  • The back side of the UI report can be completed by the employee, if he or she is available.
  • Do not forget the required signatures. If the separated employee is unavailable to sign the form, leave this field blank.
  • Forward the completed form to Payroll Services within one week of separation.
  • Give the separating employee the Employment Development Department (EDD) California's Programs for Unemployment Handbook with the EDD Notice. The handbook, available in both English and Spanish, can be ordered by contacting the UI Coordinator at (310) 794-0834.
  • All EDD phone inquiries should be forwarded to the UI Coordinator at (310) 794-0834
  • All written EDD correspondence should be forwarded immediately to the UI Coordinator by fax or campus mail to the address indicated at the bottom of this article. 

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