Departmental I-9 Processors

Departmental managers are required to designate at least two I-9 Processors for their department, and must identify them on the I-9 Processor Form. 

It is the department's responsibility to add or remove I-9 Processors from the I-9 Processor form by submitting an updated form to Payroll Services within five (5) business days of a change.

Responsibilities of Designated I-9 Processors:

  • Ensure that each section of the I-9 form is completed by the required deadlines.   
  • Review all necessary documents that identify and establish employment eligibility and record the information in the appropriate section of the I-9 form. (See the related overview article on completing the form for a list of necessary documents.) 
  • Verify and update employment eligibility as required by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations.
  • Forward the I-9 form to Payroll Services within five (5) business days of the employee's hire or rehire date.
  • Respond to requests from Payroll Services to make corrections to invalid or incorrect I-9 forms.
  • Adhere to the University and USCIS established rules and procedures regarding the I-9 form.
  • Attend the I-9 Processing Procedures course within three (3) months of being designated as an I-9 Processor. (Further information on this course is available through the Campus Human Resources (CHR) catalog.)
  • Pass the I-9 Proficiency Exam within three (3) months of being designated an I-9 Processor. This exam is administered during the I-9 Processing Procedures course.

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