How to Complete the I-9 Processor Form

The following are guidelines to remember when completing the I-9 Processor Form. No email or phone changes will be accepted in lieu of the I-9 Processor Form.

I-9 Processor Requirements

  • All departments must designate a minimum of two (2) departmental personnel employees to act as their I-9 Processors. (See the related article, "Departmental I-9 Processors," for more information on I-9 Processor responsibilities.)
    • This form is used to designate the I-9 Processors for your department.
    • These individuals complete the I-9 form according to UC or USCIS regulations.
  • All designated I-9 Processors are required to attend the I-9 Processing Procedures class. (See the CHR course catalog for more information regarding the I-9 Processing Procedures course.)
    • All designated I-9 Processors must take the course within three (3) months of being designated a Processor.
    • While not required, it is strongly suggested that all I-9 Processors also take the Immigration Overview Class, to assist them with identifying the various visa and alien statuses.
  • All designated I-9 Processors are required to pass the I-9 Certification Proficiency Exam. The exam will be given during the I-9 class unless other arrangements have been made with the instructor.

Note: When adding or deleting an employee from the I-9 Processor Form, complete a new form listing all I-9 Processors for that department. Do not complete a new form listing one employee only. Payroll Services will note the change and adjust the list accordingly.

Department Contact

  • Departments are not required to designate a department contact. However, a department contact could be a:
    • Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) or Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    • Personnel or Payroll Director
    • MSO
  • A department contact is someone interested in being kept abreast of the I-9 process in his or her department. Some reports that the department contact will receive are:
  • Missing I-9 Forms Report - Second Request
  • Overdue I-9 Returns Notice
  • Departmental I-9 Forms Statistics

Department Head Authorization

  • Designates the I-9 Processors and the department contact(s) for the department.
    • Forward a new I-9 Processor Form to Payroll Services whenever an I-9 Processor must be removed or added to the form.
    • The form must be sent within 5 business days of the change.
  • Receives the following reports:
    • Missing I-9 Forms Report - 2nd Request
    • Overdue I-9 Returns
    • Department Head Monthly Report

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