Initial GLACIER Information Form Instructions

The initial GLACIER Information Form serves two purposes:

  • It is a request to Payroll Services to set up an initial GLACIER record.
  • It is a guide the foreign visitor can use when completing the GLACIER record.

Departmental Personnel should complete this form upon hire of a foreign visitor, who meets the requirements of GLACIER, see related article titled GLACIER: Online Non Resident Alien Tax Compliance System. A GLACIER record can be requested 30 days prior to the U.S. arrival of the foreign individual.

Complete the Initial GLACIER Online Entry Form (see related link) as follows:



Name Enter the last name, first name, and middle initial of the individual for whom the record is being requested.
Email Address The information in this field is used by Payroll Services to contact the individual. The address provided should be complete and an email address that the individual regularly views. If at the time of hire, the foreign visitor does not have an email address, please provide the email address of the departmental contact. Notify Payroll Services when the individual receives a personal email address.
UID Enter the foreign visitor's University ID number, if a UC employee or student.
Departmental Contact Enter the full name, telephone number and email address of the departmental contact.
Relationship with the UC Indicate the individual's relationship category with the university (UCLA or UCOP). The individual may choose more than one category but may have only one relationship type per category.
Relationship Type Indicate the individual's relationship type for each relationship category chosen.   The individual may only select one relationship type per category
Pay Frequency For Employee Relationship only: indicate which payment cycle the employee will regularly be paid on (if applicable).
Income Type Indicate the type of income the foreign individual will receive while at the University. Select only one income type per category.
Submit Click on the Submit Button. The Initial GLACIER Information Form will be displayed to confirm what you entered. Additional instructions will also be displayed.

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