How To

How To

April 23, 2014

Departmental processors who would like specific instructions on how to process one of the listed actions or updates to an employee's record will find them below. Various sections of the manuals that contain transaction processing information are listed below and may be accessed by clicking on the relevant section reference.

How To...From Our Manuals

Run a Report of Missing By-Agreement/Flat Dollar BYH Hours

Find a List of By-Agreement/Flat Dollar DOS Codes that require BYH hours

Enter By-Agreement/Flat Dollar BYH Hours in EDB

Understand Why By-Agreement/Flat Dollar DOS Codes require hours to be input in EDB

Correct a Bank Account Number

Correct an Employee's Name

Correct a PTR Transaction Prior to the Pay Compute

Correct a Social Security Number

Process an Overpayment

Process an RX and Related LX Transaction Using EDLR

Process a PTR Correction Requiring Multiple Transactions

Process a Rate Adjustment Transaction (EDRA)

Process Payroll Expense Transfers

Research a Transaction on the Payroll Expense Distribution Report (PPP5302)

Set Up Your AYSO (Instructions in Spanish)


Use and Access PP QDB

Academic Hire - EDB Manual Section C2.B

Academic Rehire - EDB Manual Section C4

Employee Death Payments (Payroll Processing After the Death of an Employee) - PTR Manual Section E3

Employee Separation - EDB Manual Section B12

Intercampus Transfers - EDB Manual Section B9

Leave Adjustments - PTR Manual Section F4

Leave of Absence, Academic With Pay - EDB Manual Section C7

Leave of Absence, Academic Without Pay - EDB Manual Section C8

Leave of Absence, Staff - EDB Manual Section D9

Overtime Payments - PTR Manual Section B2 and PTR Manual Section G

Rush Checks - PTR Manual Section E9

Staff New Hire - EDB Manual Section D2

Staff Rehire - EDB Manual Section D3

Workers' Compensation - PTR Manual Section E13

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