How to Correct a Social Security Number

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Employee discovers that his or her Social Security number is not correct on the Employee Database (EDB).

Suggested Solution

  1. The EDB preparer should first verify the number on the Social Security Card and then correct the EDB as soon as possible.
  2. The Social Security number can be corrected on the EEID screen in EDB Entry/Update. Follow these steps:
    1. Log into EDB Entry/Update.
    2. Access the EEID screen.
    3. Tab to the SSN field.
    4. Enter the changes.
    5. Press enter and then F9 to update the transaction.
  3. Once the Social Security number correction has been processed, check EDB Inquiry to verify the correction.

Note: Only an EDB preparer can update the EDB. If you are not an EDB preparer, contact the EDB preparer in your department to process the correction to the employee's name.

Other Issues

  1. If a W-2 was issued with an incorrect Social Security number, a request for correction should be submitted to Payroll Services after the EDB has been updated. Payroll Services will forward the information to the Social Security Administration to ensure that the correct earnings are reported under the correct number for the employee.
  2. The employee needs to verify the Social Security number listed on his or her tax return, which may require contacting the appropriate tax authority.
  3. Payroll Services will forward to the University of California Retirement System (UCRS) the information needed for correcting the employee's Social Security number in its system. UCRS will send a letter to the employee verifying the correction.
  4. The employee may also need to contact Fidelity.

Additional Information

  • For more information on completing the EEID screen, consult the EDB Manual, Section B5.
  • Definitions of common Payroll terms are in the PPS Glossary.
  • To request a correction to a W-2 form, an employee may complete the Request for Discrepancy Review (PDF) and forward it to the Payroll Services Tax Desk.
  • Update EEID to Correct SSN (PDF) shows how to update the EDB.

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