How to Process a PTR Correction Requiring Multiple Transactions

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An employee was paid on an incorrect Full Accounting Unit (FAU), and the title and pay rate were also incorrect.

For example, an employee in the department paid on subaccount 2 was promoted into an open position paid on subaccount 1. The promotion was entered in the Employee Database (EDB) correctly, ending the current appointment/distribution and adding a new one with the promotion information. However, one month's pay was processed at the old rate, title, and on subaccount 2.

Suggested Solution

Process an expense transfer to correct the sub and then process an RX/LX transaction to correct the pay rate and title code on the EDLR screen.


  1. Pull up the information on the transaction with the incorrect information. Check the Distribution of Payroll Expense report (PPP5302) to see how the transaction was actually processed.
  2. Correct the FAU using the appropriate expense transfer transaction.
  3. Using the retrieve function, complete the EDLR screen using the information from the new appointment/distribution for the LX portion and the IDER screen as a source for most of the fields for the reversal (RX) transaction. Note: Since an expense transfer was processed to correct the FAU, the RX and the LX transaction would be processed on the new FAU.
  4. Schedule the transactions for an off pay cycle for the employee. Note: Payments to employees should normally be processed on the employee's regular pay schedule in order to have taxes computed properly and deductions taken correctly. However, when corrections are complicated and have multiple lines, it may be better to schedule the correction for an off pay cycle just in case there is an error.
  5. Review the transaction and update it.
  6. If the payment was incorrect for more than one pay period, the updated RX/LX transaction may be copied and then changed and updated again as many times as necessary to completely correct the data. An expense transfer must be processed for each month where the FAU information is incorrect.

Additional Information

  • More information on the EDLR screen is available in the PTR Manual, Section D5.
  • Departments may want to complete the Late/Reduce Pay Worksheet as an input document for the EDLR screen. The worksheet and instructions are in Related Information.
  • PTR Manual, Section D7 contains an overview of payroll expense transfers and links to subsequent sections on processing the various payroll expense transfers.
  • PPS Manual, Section D1.1 has information on the Distribution of Payroll Expense Report.
  • If the transactions result in an overpayment to the employee, please refer to the PTR Manual, Section E8.
  • Correction with Multiple EDAT's (PDF) shows how to process a correction requiring multiple transactions.

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