How to Process a Rate Adjustment Transaction


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An error is discovered in the pay rate and nothing else is wrong with the transaction.

For example, an employee received a merit increase of $100 (rate changed from $2345.00 to $2445.00) effective 1/1/08. The merit was not updated on the roster because of a keypunch error; therefore, the employee was paid at the old rate of $2345.00 for January. To correct the rate on the Employee Database (EDB), in February the EDB preparer added a new distribution effective 1/1/08, with the new step and rate of $2445.00 and ended the current distribution effective 12/31/07. The employee is still due $100 additional pay for one month.

Suggested Solution

Correct the rate using the EDRA screen.


Pull up the information on the transaction with the incorrect rate. See how the transaction was actually processed by checking the IPAY screen, IDER - Earnings Distributions.

  1. Complete the EDRA screen using the IDER screen as a source for most of the fields.
  2. Review the transaction and update it.
  3. If the rate was incorrect for more than one pay period, the updated RA transaction may be copied and then changed and updated again as many times as necessary to completely correct the pay rate.

Additional Information

  • More information on the EDRA screen is available in the PTR Manual, Section D6.
  • If the transactions result in an overpayment to the employee, please refer to the PTR Manual, Section E8.
  • Example - EDRA (PDF) shows how to process a rate change/correction on the EDRA screen.
  • Example - EDRA Correction (PDF) gives an example of how to correct an EDRA transaction on the EDRA screen.

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