How to Process Payroll Expense Transfers

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A transaction was charged to the wrong Full Accounting Unit (FAU).

For example, an employee record was set up in the Employee Database (EDB) on subaccount 1 in error. The correct sub was 2. The EDB was updated to reflect the correct subaccount of 2, but one month's pay had already been charged to subaccount 1.

Suggested Solution 

Correct the FAU using the appropriate payroll expenditure (expense) transfer transaction.


  1. Pull up the information on the transaction with the incorrect FAU. See how the transaction was actually processed by checking the PPP5302, Distribution of Payroll Expense Report.
  2. Check the current PPS Schedule to determine if the expense transfer can be processed online.
  3. Complete the appropriate Payroll Expense Transfer using the PPP5302 as a source for most of the fields.
  4. Review the transaction and update it or, if using the UPAY 646-4 paper form, collect the necessary signatures and forward the form to Payroll Services for processing.

Additional Information

  • Information on processing Payroll Expense Transfers is available in the PTR Manual:
    • Overview of Payroll Expenditure Transfers, PTR Manual, Section D7.
    • Single Expenditure Transfer (EDTS), PTR Manual, Section D8.
    • Mass Expenditure Transfer (EDTM), PTR Manual, Section D9.
    • UPAY 646-4 Form, PTR Manual, Section D10.
  • PPS Manual, Section D1.1 has information on the Distribution of Payroll Expense Report.
  • Examples of processing Payroll Expenditure Transfers (using the same PPP5302 report as a source document) are in Related Information. 

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