How to Process RX & Related LX Transaction Using EDLR

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An error is discovered on a transaction that requires completely reversing the original transaction and replacing it with a late-pay transaction.

For example, an employee was promoted effective 12/1/07. Because of holidays and vacations, the Employee Database (EDB) was not updated with the correct rate and title until 1/4/08. The pay rate and title code must be corrected for the month of December 2007.

Suggested Solution

Process the correction on the EDLR screen.


  1. Pull up the information on the transaction with the incorrect information. One way to see how the transaction was actually processed is to check the IPAY screen, IDER - Earnings Distributions.
  2. Complete the EDLR screen using the IDER screen as a source for most of the fields for the RX transaction. Use the EDB data as a source of information for the LX transaction.
  3. Review the transaction and update it.
  4. If the data were incorrect for more than one pay period, the updated RX/LX transaction may be copied, and then changed and updated again as many times as necessary to completely correct the problem.

Additional Information

  • More information on the EDLR screen is available in the PTR Manual, Section D5.
  • Departments may want to complete the Late/Reduce Pay Worksheet as an input document for the EDLR screen. The worksheet and instructions are in Related Information.
  • If the transactions result in an overpayment to the employee, refer to the PTR Manual, Section E8.
  • Example on EDLR (PDF) shows how to process an RX/LX transaction to correct the rate and title code.
  • Using EDLR Prior to Compute (PDF) shows how to use the EDLR screen to correct an error prior to the pay compute. 

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