Alien - Reports to Review

Report PRS745 – List of Employees with Expired Visa

This report reflects employees whose work authorization information in the Employee Data Base (EDB) has expired. Actions to be taken by a department include:

  • Review coding for each employee listed.
  • Contact employee to provide extension of work authorization. Since penalties can be levied against employers employing individuals without proper work authorization, immediate action needs to be taken to correct the situation. 
  • Complete an I-9 Form to document the extension.
  • Update the appropriate fields on the Employee Alien Information (EALN) screen in EDB.

Report PRS6203 – List of Employees with Visa/Work Permit Expiring within the Next 4 Months

This report reflects employees whose work authorization information on EDB will expire in the next 4 months. Actions to be taken by a department include:

  • Determine if employment services will be required beyond the work authorization date. 
  • Remind the foreign national employee to extend their work authorization.   

Report PPP5831 – Renewal of UC W-8BEN

This report shows information for foreign nationals. The information listed on this report includes the citizenship code, visa type, country of residence, date of employment, work permit end date, student status, retirement and FICA coding and the date of US entry. Department should review this report on a monthly basis to insure that all information is current and accurate.

Report PPP6201 - Personnel Status Report

The purpose of this report is to provide information to departments concerning the status of their employees on a monthly based. Information on the Personnel Status Report is listed by action and is derived from the data in PPS. The work permit expiration date action will be indicated on this report when the work permit date for an employee will be expiring within the next six months. Departments should take action to insure that their employees are not working with expired work authorization. As mentioned earlier, these actions may include applying for visa extensions or ending appointments. Examples of the Personnel Status Reports can be found in the PPS Manual, Section D4.

Actions to be Taken by Department

  1. Review the monthly reports to monitor visa end dates for their employees in order to insure their employees will not have a disruption in employment. 
  2. Remind employees to file for an extension of work authorization in a timely manner.
  3. In situations when the work permit has expired, it may be necessary to end the appointment of the employee. The employee should not return to work until work authorization has been obtained. Prior to any action, please check with the appropriate Human Resources office.

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