Updated On April 24, 2014 - 3:23pm

Direct Deposit in At Your Service Online

Payroll Services is pleased to announce that effective April 22, 2010, employees will be able to add or change their direct deposit information on At Your Service Online (AYSO).  This change is part of the University’s initiative to offer employees greater access and control of their own personal data.

Benefits to the EDB Preparer & the Employee

There are many benefits to having employees add or update their own direct deposit information. Here are just a few:

  • The responsibility of check distribution will be the employees and not the  EDB Preparer.
  • There will no longer be a need for the employee to notify the EDB Preparer of account number or bank changes
  • The employee has 24/7 access to AYSO to make changes where ever they are or at any time they need to.
  • Adding new unlisted financial institutions will automatically be initiated once information is entered by the employee in AYSO.

Instructions for Using Direct Deposit on At Your Service Online

In order to provide specific assistance to departments and employees, Payroll Services has provided instruction materials in the form of a PDF for both EDB Preparers and employees.  These materials can be found in the Related Information links. The materials can also be found at Payroll Services > Training for EDB Preparers and the Faculty & Staff Info page for employees.  Department preparers are encouraged to provide employees with the instruction materials.

Related Information