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Form W-2 Distribution

Employees have several choices of how to receive their Form W-2; online through UC At Your Service Online, or through paper forms distributed by their departmental personnel office. The departmental personnel office staff may either distribute the forms directly or arrange to have them distributed by Payroll Services with departmental recharge.

Online Distribution via ASYO

All employees should be encouraged to use the electronic online W-2 distribution through UC At Your Service Online website. Employees have until December 31 to elect the online W-2.

Some of the benefits of the online W-2 distribution:

  • Allows employees to get a head start on their tax returns (electronic W-2's will be released about two weeks prior to paper W-2's being mailed.)
  • Employees have a secure source to access current and past W-2  (from 2005) forms.
  • Reduces the number of forms which are lost in the mail or sent to old addresses.
  • Saves paper and environmental resources.
  • Reduces cost of supplies and services to reduce the UC's budgetary expense.

A video demonstration on how to elect online W-2 distribution is in Related Information.

Paper W-2 Distribution for Active Employees

W-2 forms of active employees who have not selected the online W-2 distribution will be printed and sorted by home department code. Departments have two options in which active employees paper W-2 forms are distributed. The option is selected on the 2010 Form W-2 Distribution Form. Only one W-2 Distribution Form should be submitted for each department. Each department can only select one of the two options. The form must be completed and returned to Mike Sattin in Payroll Services by January 7, 2011.

Option 1: Department Distributions

The department will pick up and distribute the W-2 form to its employees. Note: This is the default option for departments that do not complete the 2010 Form W-2 Distribution Form. Only one Form W-2 Distribution Form should be submitted for each department. Each department can only select one of the two options.

Departments that choose Option 1 agree to:

  • Pick-up all paper W-2 forms for the department(s) from Payroll Services when announced or instructed to do so.
  • Be responsible for distributing the paper W-2 form to the employee before January 31, 2011 (hand delivered or via US postal mail).
  • Ensure that any paper W-2 Forms sent through the US Postal Service (via UC Campus Mail Services) will have a valid department recharge so that Mail and Messenger Services can apply any applicable charges.

For departmental personnel that are responsible for more than one FS code:

  • A separate form is needed in cases where postage for each FS code will be charged to a separate recharge ID.
  • One form can be completed for all departments codes as long as the postage for each FS code will be the same Recharge ID, and all FS codes are clearly listed on the Form W-2 Distribution Form (can attach a separate sheet if listing more than 5 FS codes).

Option 2: Payroll Services Distribution

Payroll Services will distribute the W-2 form on the behalf of the department if this option is selected.

Payroll Services will:

  • Mail paper W-2 forms for the department through the U.S Postal Service
  • Recharge the department for the postage charges associated will the mailing of the forms
  • Require that departments that select option 2 provide a valid recharge ID.

Paper W-2 Distribution for Separated and Out of State Employees

Separated Employees - Payroll Services will mail the forms for employees who have separated by December 16, 2010 and did not elect the online W-2.

Out of State Employees - Payroll Services will mail the forms for employees who are living and working outside of California. These employees must be correctly coded as out of state in the Employee Data Base (EDB).

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