UCLA Payroll Services Implements Salesforce

  • May 09, 2018

UCLA Payroll Services is excited to announce the implementation of Salesforce, a Customer Relationships Management tool and communication platform that allows automation and tracking of key tasks. It will help Payroll with:

  • customer interaction
  • time efficiency
  • addressing individual customer issues while tracking progress
  • integration of smart forms

Salesforce will manage incoming Payroll inquiries, track who is handling the issue, and when the issues has been resolved. This implementation will streamline the workflow and communication within the department, UCLA and UCPath, all part of the CFS initiative to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness through transparency and customer care.

Going forward, PAN notifications ([email protected]) and online requests to [email protected] will be routed to Salesforce and assigned a case number for tracking. Incoming calls and emails will be routed to the appropriate payroll team or team member, and an acknowledgement email will be automatically generated with a case number for your reference. PAN notifications will be handled by the assigned Payroll Services Specialist; therefore, an automatic email reply will not be issued. To identify your Payroll Services Specialist please visit https://ucla.app.box.com/pyrl-pdf-dept-contact-list.

Check out these new Payroll forms to see Salesforce in action.