Document Direct

Document Direct is a web-based application provided by Information Technology Services (IT Services) for report viewing. It is the primary source for the review of Personnel/Payroll reports.

Payroll Services is utilizing Document Direct in order to disseminate information to departments as soon as it becomes available and to eliminate the distribution of hard copies of Personnel/Payroll reports. EDB Preparers can find the following PPS tables on Document Direct-RDS which may be helpful when entering information on the EDB:

  • DOS Code Table in Sequence Number Order (PPP0410): This PPS table lists the DOS codes that are used in the PPS. It should be used along with the alphabetical listing of DOS codes.
  • Foreign Country Table (PPP0428): This table lists the two-character code and the associated country. The code is used when entering a foreign address in the PPS.
  • Gross-to-Net Table (PPP0402): This table lists all of the deductions and reductions that can be taken from an employee's paycheck. It is used during the compute process to determine the employee's net pay. If the net pay is not enough to allow for all the deductions to be taken, the deductions will be taken according to the priority number listed on this table.
  • Surepay Bank Table (PPP0122) in Bank Table number order: The Surepay Bank table lists all the banks that are set up for direct deposit for employees. This table should be used in conjunction with the alphabetical listing.
  • Title Code Table (PPP0433): The title code table lists all the title codes that are used in the PPS.
  • Title Code Table Salary Grades - Salary Grade Table (PPP00434): The Salary Grade table is used to set minimum, midpoint and maximum salary ranges in the PPS for titles associated with a grade.
  • Work Study Program Table (PPP0424): The work study table is used to identify the valid work study programs and limits.

For those users looking for more information on Document Direct, please refer to the following web pages listed under Related Information:

  1. PPS Manual, Section D4 on PPS Reports: Provides a list of PPS reports available to departments along with a brief description and a sample of each report.
  2. PPS Manual, Section E1 on Access and Security: Provides a list of all the PPS DACSS function codes including those used to grant access to Document Direct.
  3. Document Direct Users Guide (PDF): Provides information on how to use Document Direct to access and print reports.