Online Financial System Reports (OFSR) for Payroll

Online Financial System Reports (OFSR) for Payroll provide users with an easy mechanism for retrieving payroll expense distribution and committed salary expenditure data in a standard format from the Personnel Payroll (PP) Query Database (QDB). Users must have QDB access and Employee Data Base (EDB) Inquiry access. 

Once logged into Online Financial System, reports can be retrieved in two ways: users can access the report criteria screen by selecting the report directly from the Payroll folder tab or from the drop down menu at the bottom of a General Ledger Detail Report.

The Payroll Reports available on the OFSR include the following:

  • Distribution of Payroll Expense Report
  • Committed Salary/Benefits Cost Report
  • Separated Employees Report
  • Online Department Contact List

The web versions of the Distribution of Payroll Expense Report and the Committed Salary/Benefits Cost Report were designed to provide users with improved and more timely access to Payroll financial information necessary to manage daily operations and support financial decisions. The reports also serve as an enhancement to the standard reports available on Document Direct-RDS.

Benefits and Limitations
Users of OFSR do not have to purchase any query software and they do not have to develop their own queries in order to display data from the web OFSR reports. Selection and sorting options are provided to allow the user to access the information in the most helpful manner. Users with a PP QDB logon and access to EDB Inquiry for a department can retrieve information by a Full Accounting Unit (FAU) for that department for the current period or for several accounting periods. 

If users want additional types or ranges of data not provided in the Payroll OFSR reports, they can use a query program (such as Excel, Access, BiQuery or Crystal Reports) to retrieve data directly from PP QDB to match their own requirements.

For those users unfamiliar with the On-line Payroll Reports, please refer to the following web pages listed under Related information on the right for more information:

  • Distribution of Payroll Expense Report - PPS Manual, Section D1.1, PPP 5302
  • CSER Report Sample - PPS Manual, Section D1.5
  • Separated Employees Report - PPS Manual, Section D3.2
  • Online Department Contact List - PPS Manual, Section D3.2