Payroll Expense Transfer

The Payroll Expense Transfer system provides users with a web-based mechanism to process expense transfers. Departments process expense transfers in cases where the original expense was charged to the wrong FAU (Full Accounting Unit) and the department needs to correct the FAU. Transfers of payroll expense normally occur when the EDB updated has been updated too late to make the payment on the newly designated FAU. Users must have PPDATUPD access.

The Payroll Expense Transfers system was designed specifically for Contracts & Grants funding that must be moved. In addition to Contracts & Grants funding this system must be used for all payroll expense transfers that are older than 18 months and may be used for any single expense transfer.

Benefits and Limitations:

  • Populates the PPP5302 Distribution of Payroll Expense data up to 18 months
  • Replaces the need for the Brown UPAY (646-4) Form
  • Ability to search pending and processed expense transfers
  • Assists Extramural Fund Management (EFM) in the expense transfers review process

The Payroll Expense Transfer cannot process Mass Expense transfers. Preparers must use the EDTM function in the Personnel/Payroll System (PPS) in order to process mass transfers.

For those users who are unfamiliar with the policies and procedures concerning expense transfers, please review Related Information links for more information.