Personnel and Payroll Campus Data Warehouse (PP CDW)

The PP CDW is a subdivision of the overall Campus Data Warehouse (CDW). It focuses on data related to personnel and payroll that is found in the following systems: 

  • Employee Data Base (EDB)
  • Payroll Time Reporting (PTR)
  • Payroll Expense Distribution Report (EDW)
  • Committed Salary Expenditure Report (CSER)

Access to the PP CDW requires a PP QDB logon and password. The campus has a site license for the use of a front end query tool called Cognos. The department of Information Technology Services (IT Services) is supporting the PP CDW in this tool.

The essential feature of the CDW is the way in which it stores the data. The individual elements are date keyed when they are first entered into the database and when they are superseded by new data, the record is expired. When the user queries the database, and selects a date or a date range, the data are assembled based on whether a data element was current on the date or dates selected. 

In order to provide consistency of records a series of mutually exclusive data trees has been constructed. All relevant data that can be coordinated by date are available in each data tree. As a result of the way the data are organized by date, there is no need for separate history tables in the PP CDW. Also as a result of this feature, the structure is designed to enhance the ability of the user to develop longitudinal analyses of the data.

Additional features provided in the PP CDW, and accessible in Cognos are:

  • monthly snapshots of appointment and distribution data
  • monthly snapshots of employee balances, certain actions, and benefits data 

Additional features within the Cognos query tool are:

  • helpful hints on how to use the product
  • Computer-based training modules
  • layouts of the data trees
  • searchable spreadsheets to help users locate the data elements that they need

Standardized reports for departmental use are another feature of the Cognos PP CDW product. Some currently available report categories are:

  • Pay Audit Reports  
  • Pay Expense Reports 
  • Personnel Reports 
  • Reference Reports