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Short Term Investment Pool (STIP) Rates

STIP earnings distribution schedule is as follows:

The months of July, August and September are dispersed for the October ledger on a first quarter schedule in order to minimize the negative STIP impact on funds which receive delayed allocations at the beginning of the fiscal year, such as Endowments.
The months of October through June, STIP earnings are distributed monthly in the subsequent month’s ledger. The exception will be June earnings, which will be disbursed for the June ledger during week three of July, prior to the close of the Interim June ledger.

STIP Rates

STIP at the Treasurer of The Regents level
The Treasurer of The Regents maintains a central bank account for all monies received by the University. Any cash balances remaining in the central bank account not needed to cover daily disbursements is invested in short-term securities. These short-term securities plus any remaining uninvested balance in the central bank account constitutes the assets of the Short-Term Investment Pool. The participants of STIP are those University funds which own the cash which is invested in these short-term securities.

STIP at the Campus level
STIP income is disbursed to funds designated as STIP basis funds within the Financial System fund table. Positive or negative interest allotments to those funds are based on month-end ledger balances within the three-month period for quarter 1 and monthly balances for October through June.

The distribution of income for the Short-Term Investment Pool to campus funds is discussed in full in Business and Finance Bulletin A-60, use link on the left for the complete bulletin.