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UCLA Treasury Services is instrumental in the facilitation of financial and operational transactions on behalf of UCLA. In addition, Treasury Services manages UCLA’s banking relationships and operates the UCLA Internal Banking Center for the facilitation of UCLA internal loans. In collaboration with campus departments and UCOP teams, Treasury Services oversees the optimization of University treasury policies and practices while maintaining a strong control environment. Contact Treasury Services

Banking Services

Banking Portal Access
Adding Services to an Existing Account
Technical Support
Fraud Protection

Internal Banking Center

Loan Services
Types of Loans
Interest Rates 

Credit Card Services

Your Business Plan
Banking & Campus Processing Fees
UCLA Approved Payment Solutions

Current Merchants

PCI & Data Security Standards
Ecommerce Terms & Conditions
Annual PCI Certification

Additional Resources

Unclaimed Property
Petty Cash & Change Funds
Foreign Exchange
Policies & Delegations

Incoming Wire Transfers & ACH

Incoming Wiring Instructions
Advice of Incoming Wire Transfer

Submit an Internal Loan Application

Process Flow Budget Review
Rate & Term Assessment
Funds Distribution
Loan Repayment

Become a Merchant

Policies & Procedures
Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Invested Funds & Working Capital

Short Term Investment Pool (STIP)
Total Return Investment Pool (TRIP)
General Endowment Pool (GEP)

Internal Banking Center FAQs

Am I eligible for a loan?
How long does it take to get a loan?
How is the interest rate determined?
What security or collateral is considered in loan approval?
What happens if I cannot repay the loan?
Are there penalties for pre-payments of the loan?