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Internal Banking Center


The Internal Banking Center (Lender) seeks to provide financial resources to UCLA departments and affiliated organizations to help promote the UCLA mission.

Loans provided by the Internal Banking Center are a last resort. Departments that seek loan funds must have no other fund source (such as general funds or endowment funds) available to them and the use of Internal Banking Center funds toward any given project must be approved by the UCLA AVC and CFO.

Loan funds are effectively the use of UCLA working capital and therefore have an opportunity cost. This opportunity cost is passed on to the Borrower (in most cases) in the form of an interest rate. UCLA has a limited number of funds available for use through the Internal Banking Center. An annual assessment of UCLA’s funding ability must be made to determine how much can be distributed to maintain the financial health and desired risk profile.

Types of Loans

Capital Loans

The Capital Loans program supports the development of existing and new buildings, transition and staging costs and deferred maintenance. These projects may be fully or partially gift funded yet require gap financing until gifts are recognized. For projects greater than $750k, the Internal Banking Center will work in collaboration with Capital Programs to provide the financing for Chancellor approved capital projects.

Sales & Service

Departments which participate in the Sales and Service Activities program (governed by UCLA Policy 340.0) may also be eligible to receive financing for equipment purchases. Financing will be reflective of Sales and Service rates and equipment depreciation schedules.

Tenant & Improvements

Departments that move into a new space receive a Tenant Improvement Allowance (TIA) through UCLA Asset Management. If the department seeks tenant improvements which exceed the TIA, the department can apply for additional funding through the Internal Banking Center.

Campus Loans

Campus loans cover a broad range of needs. These are generally for items which are not related to capital equipment, tenant improvements, and will not be used as part of a Sales and Service activity. Examples include re-financing existing deficits and purchasing materials, software or equipment.

Interest Rates

Capital Programs5 - 30 yearsTBD
Sales & Service1 - 5 yearsTBD
Tenant & Improvements1 - 5 yearsTBD
Campus1 - 5 yearsTBD
Financial AssuranceProject CompletionTBD
Credit Line1 - 3 yearsTBD