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Ascend 2.0 is reimagining and modernizing UCLA’s financial landscape. As the University prepares to transition to its brand-new procurement system, BruinBuy Plus, we’ll be expanding the functionality of our current Concur system. 

Concur Expansion Packs

With numerous updates and enhancements on the horizon, we’re adopting a staggered deployment schedule. Our expansion packs are designed to provide maximum impact with minimal interruption, allowing you to adjust to each change before we deploy the next one.

Starting in Summer 2023

At this time, Concur is utilized for travel and entertainment (T&E) reimbursements, as well as direct-billed airfarelodging, and T&E card requests. But it can do so much more! With the first expansion packs, the system will also handle: 

  • Monthly PCard Statement Reconciliation 
    launched June 16, 2023
  • Non-T&E Employee/Guest Business Expense Reimbursements 
    launched July 10, 2023
  • Cash Advances 
    launched July 10, 2023
  • General Refunds 
    launching November 6, 2023
REMINDER: Cash advances are only allowed in very limited circumstances.

What Else is Coming?

We’re not just expanding Concur – we’re improving the user and customer experience. By consolidating reimbursements and University credit card (T&E and PCard) processes in a single system, we’re creating a one-stop shop. A few of the other benefits you can expect are streamlined support and increased inquiry transparency! Stay tuned for additional expansion pack details.