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Credit Card Services

Your Business Plan

Before accepting credit card payments, your business needs to assess its costs and benefits. Determine a business plan prior to implementation and consider the following:

  • How would you like the debit/credit cards to be processed?
    • Card-Present (CP): Physical card applied to over the counter hardware such as a cashier
    • Card-Not-Present (CNP): Physical card is not available and payments are made through Mail Order/ Telephone Order (MOTO) or through an ecommerce shopping cart
    • Who are the principal and secondary contacts who will be responsible for credit card processing?
    • Training manual and best practices for authorized personnel who will process credit card transactions


Banking & Campus Processing Fees

Recharge Fees

Fee covers costs related to credit card acceptance and compliance, reconciliation and CASHNet support incurred by campus departments. The fee will be recognized as revenue amongst Treasury Services, Accounting & Cash Management, and Payment Solutions & Compliance.

Campus Credit Card Fee FY 2021-22
Credit Card Processing

Processing Fees

AMEX requires a 2.15% standard processing fee per dollar. VISA, MasterCard and Discovery impose different rates depending on the card type. For additional information, please email

UCLA Approved Payment Solutions

Payment methods undergo a rigorous testing process prior to approval and implementation. Before applying a payment solution, refer to the list in the Table of Payment Solutions.

Should the UCLA approved payment methods not satisfy your business needs, please contact for additional information and guidance.