Credit Card Fee FY 2021-22

Please be advised that effective July 1, 2021, the rate for the Campus Credit Card Fee is to remain at 0.3780%, unchanged from FY 2020-21.  The FY 2021-22 Campus Credit Card fee was approved in June 2021 by UCLA Office of Academic Planning and Budget. 

The fee will cover costs related to credit card acceptance and compliance, reconciliation and CashNet support incurred by campus departments.  The fee is based on full cost recovery and includes all related ITS expenses.  The fee will be recognized as revenue amongst Treasury Services, Accounting & Cash Management, and Payment Solutions & Compliance.

It should be noted that this fee is not to be confused with merchant fees which are a separate charge by banks and financial institutions.

The rate derivation can be seen by clicking here.

Please submit any inquiries to [email protected].