Finance Glossary

IT ServicesInformation Technology Services manages UCLA's campuswide administrative computing systems and data, including student records, personnel/payroll, purchasing, ledger and data warehouse, among others. It is responsible for the design, development, maintenance, production support and/or security of the central UCLA systems, servers and associated technical support services.
AMCOAdministrative Main Cashier Office
BARBilling and Accounts Receivable
BruinBuyA web-based method of purchasing that uses electronic catalogs featuring UCLA's recommended suppliers.
DACSSDistributed Administrative Computing Security System is the application access control system for mainframe systems that allows campus departmental security administrators (DSAs) to manage access to the resources and functions of all major University transaction systems, such as Transfer of Funds, Purchasing/Accounts Payable and Payroll via a single user interface.
DDFdepartmental deposit form
EDAPentry department additional pay
EDATentry department adjustment transaction
EDBemployee database
EDFTentry department one-time payment adjustment
EDLAentry department leave hours adjustment
EDRAentry department retroactive pay adjustment
EDTMentry department mass expenditure transfer
EDTSentry department single expenditure transfer
EFTelectronic funds transfer
employeeA worker over whom the University has the right to control both the result and the way in which tasks are performed.
encumbranceA commitment within an organization to use funds for a specific purpose.
FAUFull accounting unit. Each part (field) of the FAU represents a different kind of information about the transactions that occur. It is the “who, what, why” of the Financial System Data, and is critical to understanding and analyzing financial performance.
H&IHold and incomplete. Refers to unpaid invoices that have been placed on hold or incomplete status.
IDTCinquiry department time collection
IDTLinquiry department transaction list
independent consultantA worker hired by contract who generally provides advice or recommendations, typically in the form of a verbal or written report. California Public Contract Code prohibits an independent consultant from implementing the recommendations in a follow-on contract.
independent contractorA worker hired by contract, over whom the University has the right to control only the result of the service (i.e., the end product), but not the manner of performance (i.e., the time, place and method).
memo liensDetail transactions or balances that represent an unofficial commitment for spending requests that have not yet been approved or encumbered.
One Time Payee (OTP)A payment made to an individual who is not a UC employee.
PANPost-authorization notification is a web-based system for processing financial transactions. It was developed by UCOP and customized by UCLA, which currently maintains it. A PAN is a means of informing a designated reviewer that a record or an update to a record has been created, and that it should be reviewed.
paydayThe day on which direct-deposit funds are available and paychecks are issued. Written as one word.
PcardUCLA's Procurement Card (Pcard) is a Visa® card for staff and faculty members who have buying responsibilities.
PCRSProcurement Card Receipts System allows users to submit signed monthly US Bank statements, receipts and supporting documents via fax to a secure fax server and verify online that the receipts have been received by the system. 
PPSPersonnel/Payroll System
PTRpayroll time reporting
purchase order (PO)An order placed with a supplier by Purchasing at the request of a department by purchase requisition. It typically specifies payment terms, delivery dates, item identification, quantities, shipping terms and all other obligations and conditions.
purchase requisitionA departmental request for a standard purchase order required by policy and procedure or vendor.
QDBquery database
Sole-Source JustificationA document required when a specified vendor and/or manufacturer is indicated as the desired single or sole source and justification is provided in writing.