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Affiliate/Guest BruinCard

Summary: Departments may request an affiliate BruinCard for their visiting guests who are on campus and not officially registered students or staff members on the University payroll, but require a BruinCard for access to services are classified as UCLA Affiliates.

Who is eligible for a guest BruinCard?

To qualify for a guest BruinCard, an individual must have a defined business need for campus services, and their minimum stay on campus must be 3 months. Exceptions to the 3-month requirement would be granted to:

  • Visiting caregivers who are allowed to see patients independently without a UCLA faculty/staff member present
  • Visiting graduate researcher who is visiting for one academic term
  • Summer programs
  • Hospital volunteers


  1. Visit and click on the Forms section. The sponsoring department, not the guest, must complete the Affiliate/Guest Request Form.
  2. Affiliate BruinCards will not automatically grant an individual access to most campus services. If it is intended for use as a library card, to obtain an email account, give access to a specific secure area or any other purpose, the departments directly involved (e.g., the library or BOL) must be contacted by the department individually to ensure the guest is granted the access needed.
  3. Please wait for an email confirmation that the request has been completed before instructing the guest to visit the BruinCard Center.
  4. To renew an expired Affiliate card, a new form with new dates of visit must be submitted by the sponsoring department.


  • The Affiliate Form processing fee is a $7.50 recharge to the department. We do not accept payment directly from the guest.
  • The fee to replace a lost/stolen card is $25.00. The fee to exchange a BruinCard for any purpose is $5.00; the most recent BruinCard must be turned in for the transaction to be classified as an exchange.