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How to Order Meal BruinCards

Summary: The meal card is convenient for your guests to make purchases during their stay on campus. Departments hosting a visiting group can purchase meal cards to be used for a restricted time and at on-campus food eateries only.


  1. Visit the Online Card Office, click on Forms, and select Meal Cards Form. Your UCLA logon is required to access the form.
  2. Complete the Meal Card Order Form.
  3. Enter the name of the group or function on the "Name on Card" field; specific person’s name will not be accepted in this field.
  4. Provide a detailed business justification on “Proposed Use” section of the form. Who will be using the card? Why are you providing meals for the participant?
  5. Submit request at least 5 business days in advance of the requested pickup date to ensure timely processing.


  • Funds are to be used for food purchases at on-campus food restaurants and dining facilities only. Any attempt to purchase merchandise or use the card at off-campus locations or the UCLA bookstore and market will be denied.
  • Ensure the use of the fund is in conformance with various University policies.
  • Balances remain on meal cards until the card expiration date.  
  • Positive balances that remain on expired cards will revert to the University.
  • Funds initially recharged from a department Full Accounting Unit (FAU) that appear on expired cards will be credited back to the accounts 30 days after the expiration date and upon the return of the expired cards to the BruinCard Center to ensure that all transactions have been cleared.