BruinPay Plan (BPP)

Eligible students can enroll in BruinPay Plan (BPP) to pay their term tuition & registration fees in monthly installments. Payments are made via three installments for quarter students, or four installments for semester students. To participate in BPP, the student must sign-up on BruinBill during the active enrollment period (prior to the beginning of the term) for each term they wish to participate.


  • Overview Video & Transcript

  • Transcript

    Student Accounts offers various options to Bruins for managing BruinBill. Eligible students can sign up for BruinPay Plan prior to the beginning of each quarter. BruinPay Plan divides quarterly tuition into three monthly installments. If you are eligible for BruinPay Plan, you will see the option to enroll on BruinBill under My BruinPay Plan during the enrollment period. The enrollment period is prior to the beginning of each term. You must enroll in BruinPay Plan during the active enrollment period, prior to every term that you wish to be on the plan, no exceptions. BruinPay Plan enrollment dates for eligible students are as follows: Quarter Students: Fall Term - Enrollment is open from 9/1 through 9/20, Winter Term - Enrollment is open from 12/1 through 12/20, Spring Term - Enrollment is open from 3/1 through 3/20. Semester Students: Fall Term - Enrollment is open from 8/1 through 8/20, Spring Term - Enrollment is open from 12/1 through 12/20. Your first of three installments, as well as the set-up fee, is due at the time of enrollment. The second installment will be deducted from the account you signed up with on the following month, and the third installment will be deducted the month afterwards. Please note that students receiving full financial aid are not eligible for BruinPay Plan.
  • Payments
  • Payment Schedule

    The first installment and BPP setup fee are due at the time of enrollment. The remaining installments will be completed via automatic payments that occur on the 20th of each month remaining on the plan, using the payment information entered at the time of BPP setup. If the 20th is a non-banking holiday, then the deduction will occur the following business day.

    Payment Methods

    BPP installments can be paid via e-Check (ACH) for no service fee, or via credit card for a 2.75% per transaction service fee. The payment method used at the time of setup will be used for the remainder of the plan. If you wish to change your payment method, you must add the new payment method under Saved Accounts on BruinBill, and delete the existing saved account.

    payment Amounts

    A non-refundable setup fee is charged upon BPP enrollment to cover the cost of administering the plan. The installment amounts will be the unpaid balance on the Campus Fees & Registration Charges BruinBill account, including new charges accrued during the term, divided by the number of months remaining on the plan. For example, for a student on the quarter system, the first installment is their Campus Fees & Registration Charges unpaid account balance divided by three, the second installment is the balance divided by two, and the third is the remainder of the balance.

    Monthly installment calculations are made six business days prior to the date of the automatic payment. Adjustments to your account balance (such as charge reversals, financial aid payments, or manual payments) must be posted to your account six days prior to the monthly deduction in order to reduce that month’s installment amount. Otherwise, the adjustment will not reduce the current monthly payment amount, but will apply toward the remaining installments.

    There is no penalty for making a manual BruinBill payment while you are enrolled in BPP. However, doing so will not cancel BPP enrollment or change the automatic payment schedule for unpaid term charges.

    Returned Payments

    Returned payments include both paper and e-check transactions that are dishonored by the maker’s bank, for any reason. It is the primary account holder’s responsibility to ensure their BPP payment method has sufficient funds and remains valid at the time of the automatic payments.

    Dishonored payments result in a financial hold that prevents enrollment. UCLA assesses a non-refundable $25.00 charge for dishonored transactions. If the payment was used to pay registration fees, an additional $50.00 Registration Returned Payment charge is assessed. A minimum of one dishonored credit card payment removes the credit card payment option for the BruinBill account permanently and places the account on a "Cash Only" basis, where payment can only be made via cash, cashier's check or money order and prevents future BPP enrollment. A minimum of three dishonored check payments, including e-check, places the BruinBill account on a “Cash Only” basis, where payment can only be made via credit card, cash, cashier's check, or money order and prevents future BPP enrollment.

    If the account becomes past due, it is still subject to delinquent account penalties, such as late fees, holds, and dropped courses if payment is not received. 

  • Eligibility
  • If you are eligible to enroll in BPP, you will see an active enrollment link on the BruinBill homepage under the My BruinPay Plan section during the active enrollment period. Enrollment is completed using the logon for the student/main account holder, third-party account logins cannot enroll. To enroll, select the My BruinPay Plan link and follow all the prompts. You will need a U.S. checking or savings account, or a credit card to complete enrollment.  

    An account is ineligible for BPP if it:

    Do not enroll in BPP if you are already enrolled in AutoPay plan, the AutoPay plan will supersede your enrollment in BPP and withdraw the total balance due on the designated AutoPay dates.

    • Is fully covered by Financial Aid
    • Has an outstanding short term loan (balance must be paid off prior to the 19th of enrollment month to lift restriction)
    • Has an unpaid previous term balance
    • Has three returned check/eCheck payments
    • Has one returned credit card payment
    • Has a fee deferral posted
    • Is enrolled for Summer Sessions, FEMBA/EMBA, Ed Leadership or Masters of Financial Engineering programs
    • Is a Third-Party account logon (enrollment must be completed on the main account)
  • Enrollment Windows
  • BPP enrollment is open prior to the beginning of each term. To participate in BPP, the student must sign-up on BruinBill during the active enrollment window for each term they wish to participate. Enrolling in Fall Quarter BPP, for example, does not automatically enroll the account in Winter and Spring Quarter BPP.

    BPP enrollment closes at 5:00 p.m. on the last enrollment date and cannot be reopened under any circumstances. We strongly advise that account holders enroll prior to the Student Accounts Office closing (at 4pm PST) by the BPP deadline so that any issues can be addressed during the active enrollment window.  

    BPP Enrollment Periods are as follows:


    Fall Term
    Winter Term
    Spring Term
    Quarter Students




    Semester Students




    Med Students (1-3 year)


  • Cancellation
  • UCLA will not cancel the BruinPay Plan for any reason. The account holder can make a payment for the monthly installment prior to the scheduled deduction date with no penalty. However, the automated monthly installment payment on the 20th of each month remains in place and will apply to existing and new charges.