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Non-Student Account Billing & Collections

Non-Student account holders are defined as individuals or organizations who are not current students, but have billing history with UCLA.


Billing for Non Student accounts is now available through the MyUCLA billing portal and is strongly encouraged. The benefits of online billing include:

  • Secure and convenient online access to pay bills with electronic check.
  • Nearly 24/7 secure online access to view Non Student account charges and information, as well as a printable invoice for your convenience. Sunday mornings are reserved for a standard maintenance window.
  • Frequently asked questions and answers to billing and collection guidelines for the sponsorship program under UCLA.

Non Student account holders can register for online billing by creating a UCLA Logon ID. Use your nine-digit University ID to create your logon ID at Step-by-step instructions for creating a MyUCLA logon are available here. Please wait at least one hour after creating your logon before attempting to access BruinBill (under the Finances and Jobs tab) on MyUCLA.

Invoices are still available through paper statements that will be mailed out to Non Students at the beginning of each month. Monthly invoices reflect the balance forward from the previous bill, along with any new charges and payment from the previous month. Only accounts with a balance of $24.99 or higher will produce an invoice.


Non Student account charges are due the following month on the 20th, unless otherwise noted or arranged by the Student Accounts department.

Prior to Winter, 2016, Non Student account holders were limited to in-person payments. Non Student account holders can now make convenient online payments via the MyUCLA billing portal.

Payment methods include electronic checks (via the MyUCLA online billing portal), wire transfer, paper check, and in person.

Delinquency & Collections

Unpaid balances are subject to delinquent fees. Balances that remain unpaid are subject to collection actions and fees.

  • Past due balances will be charged a $20 delinquent fee every month until the balance is either paid or sent to a collection agency.
  • Past due charges of $25 or more are subject to collection actions.
  • Fees that remain unpaid will be issued a $12 collection processing fee. (The service charge for initiating the collection process.)
  • Charges that are 180 days old will be charged back to departmental accounts and assigned to a collection agency. At this point, the Student Accounts department will no longer be managing the debt. All inquiries will need to be directed to the customer’s respective collection agency.

Notice: Customer payments will be applied to delinquent fees and collection cost charges first, then to the oldest unpaid charge.