Student Accounts

Student Accounts

April 23, 2014

UCLA Student Accounts oversees billing and collections for all student and various non-student accounts for the campus. We offer a variety of services, including customer service and support to billing customers via phone, email and in-person; billing and collections for all student registration fees, campus charges including Housing and Transportation fees; billing and collections for various non-student and sponsorship accounts; disbursement oversight including refunds with approved disbursement amounts by Financial Aid; management of 1098t tax reporting.

eManage Your BruinBill

Third Party View

Authorize a third party, such as a parent, to access your BruinBill account. They will be able to make payments and receive helpful payment deadline email reminders.


This is the fastest way to get your refund by direct deposit into a U.S. checking or savings account. You'll get your refunds within 2-3 days and avoid waiting for mailed checks. It's easy, free and automatic.

BruinPay Plan

Enroll in BPP and spread your term tuition into monthly installment payments, help prevent classes from being dropped.


If you already have health insurance

Billing Disclosures & Policy Information

Review registration fees and campus charges disclosures and policy information, including due date, penalties (delinquency fees and holds), and returned check guidelines.

Additional Resources

Student Accounts
Phone: (310) 825-9194 | Fax: (310) 206-7444 | Mail Code: 150101


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