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Third Party Sponsorship Policy and Procedures

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Students may request billing to a Third Party Sponsor for mandatory tuition and fees. Sponsored students are credited with a credit memo (full or partial) before payment is received. The sponsor is then invoiced for the balance. This process occurs once per academic term. If sponsor invoices are unpaid, the original charges are returned to the student’s billing account (BruinBill) in addition to any incurred late fees.

View the Third Party Sponsorship Policy.

Establish an Association

In order to initiate the invoicing process, the Third Party Sponsor must establish an association between sponsor and student by contacting the UCLA Student Accounts Office.

Any authorization document from the sponsor (i.e. financial letter, student roster, letter agreement, contract, certification, application, communication, etc.) must be emailed to listing the following information:

  • Sponsored student(s)' legal name and corresponding university identification number(s)
  • Fees to be covered
  • Duration of time that fees will be covered

For organizations that provide sponsorship per term, the authorization document must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the term payment deadline. For organizations that provide authorization documents by academic year, the document must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the payment deadline of the first term of the student’s enrollment. If the sponsor wishes to withdraw sponsorship of the student(s), notice must be sent to UCLA 90 days in advance.

The Student Accounts Office will issue a nine-digit Sponsor Identification Number (Sponsor ID) to all new sponsors. Please note that sponsors who require grades, transcripts, signatures, reports or other information for sponsorship, must obtain this documentation directly from their sponsored student.


After a sponsor has established an association, billing occurs at the beginning of each term. Billing for sponsors is now available through the MyUCLA billing portal and is strongly encouraged. The benefits of online billing are as follows:

  • Online billing provides a secure and convenient method to access and pay bills online with electronic check or credit card (credit card transaction fees may apply).
  • Sponsors will have nearly 24/7 secure online access to view sponsor charges and student term information, as well as a convenient, printable invoice. Sunday mornings are reserved for a standard maintenance window. 
  • Sponsors may easily access answers to FAQs and billing and collection guidelines for the sponsorship program under UCLA.

Sponsors can register for online billing by completing the following steps:

  1. Create a UCLA Logon ID by going to Select the option I DO NOT HAVE A NINE-DIGIT UCLA ID NUMBER (UID) when signing up.
  2. Complete the brief Third Party Sponsor UCLA Logon ID Information Form. Use the subject line "MyUCLA Sponsor Billing Access" and submit the document to
  3. The Student Accounts Office will notify you once sponsor online access has been assigned.

Sponsors not signed up for online billing will be invoiced via a paper statement monthly. Invoices reflect the balance forward from the previous bill, along with any new charges. Only accounts with a balance of $24.99 or higher will produce an invoice.

Due to the large volume of sponsored students and UCLA’s billing system requirements, it may not be possible to provide billing details catered to each sponsor. Special invoicing of any kind will be done at the discretion of UCLA. Communication with the Student Accounts Office is encouraged.


Payments are due by the end of the current term:

  • Fall term deadline: 12/20
  • Winter term deadline: 2/20
  • Spring term deadline: 6/20
  • Summer term deadline: 9/20

Payment methods include all major credit cards or electronic checks (ACH) via the MyUCLA online billing portal, or via wire payments or paper checks. Sponsors must provide the Sponsor name and Sponsor ID with each payment submitted outside of the online billing portal.

Delinquency & Collection

In any sponsor-student billing arrangement, the student is ultimately held responsible for payment of campus charges. If payment is not received by the term deadline, the student is liable for all fees allotted to the sponsor and will no longer be granted the privilege of registering without payment. If neither student nor the sponsor remits payment, the student's account will be subject to normal punitive processes, resulting in ineligibility to register.