BruinBill Payment Methods

Confidently select the payment method that best fits your needs by using the BruinBill Payment Methods guide below. Please read the important BruinBill Payment Disclosures found at bottom of this page to ensure the timely and accurate processing of your payment. Payment processing is administered by the Payment Solutions & Compliance (PSC) office of UCLA.

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Payment Methods: Online, In Person, Mail, Wire Transfers, 529

Payment Disclosures: Overpayments, Returned/Dishonored Payments, Missing Information

I. BruinBill Payment Methods


Pay online via BruinBill portal on MYUCLA. (Sign in -> Finances and Jobs -> BruinBill -> Make a payment). Accepted online payment types are outlined below.

  • eCheck: A free and convenient payment option. All you need is a U.S. checking or savings account to submit an eCheck payment through your BruinBill. Setting up an account with the University Credit Union (UCU) is a great option for international students in need of a U.S. bank account.
  • BruinPay Plan: Pay your quarter or semester tuition in monthly installments. Eligible students can enroll directly on the BruinBill homepage prior to each term. Click here for enrollment instructions and dates.
  • Credit Card: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express payments online. Please note that there is a non-refundable 2.75% transaction fee associated with each credit card payment submitted online. International credit card payments are accepted; please be advised that the zip code field may be bypassed by entering N/A and you may be subject to additional fees from your financial institution if you pay with an international credit card.
  • Pay by foreign currency: A convenient payment option for international students. When paying your BruinBill, select "Pay by foreign currency" and follow the prompts. This exciting new option provides international students with a convenient way to wire money at comparable exchange rates for a select period of time.

In Person

Make a payment in person at the PSC office. PSC is located at 1125 Murphy Hall. Cashiering windows are open from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday – Friday. Please note that credit/debit cards are not accepted as forms of payment at PSC’s cashiering windows.

Personal Check/Cashier's Check/Money Order: Payments must be made out to “UC Regents” and include the student’s name, nine-digit university identification number, and the BruinBill account type (i.e. Registration Fees & Campus Charges, Housing, or Transportation) on the payment.

Cash: Cash payments are accepted at PSC’s cashiering windows during regular business hours. For security purposes, PSC cautions university members against carrying large sums of cash.


Personal check/Cashier's check/Money Order payments can be mailed to PSC at the address listed below.  Please allow up to 2 weeks to process payments through the mail. Payments must be made out to “UC Regents” and include the student’s name, nine-digit university identification number, and the BruinBill account type (i.e. Registration Fees & Campus Charges, Housing, or Transportation) on the payment.*

UCLA Payment Solutions & Compliance Office
Box 957089, 1125 Murphy Hall
405 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90095-7089


UCLA accepts 529 echeck payments online via BruinBill. A non-refundable, $10.00 per transaction fee applies to each 529 echeck payment submitted online. All returned/dishonored payment penalties are applicable to 529 echeck payments.

Select Savings Plan on the BruinBill payment page to link your 529 account to BruinBill. You will be required to select the payment plan name and enter your account number. A new tab will open for the user to verify their account information. After setup, your 529 plan will display as a payment method for BruinBill.

If your 529 provider is not listed on the online enrollment portal, please follow the instructions under Mail to have the provider mail a 529 check payment.

Wire Transfer / Foreign Currency

Payment Solutions & Compliance is pleased to partner with Western Union Business Solutions for processing international wire payments.

Benefits include:

  • Paying BruinBill in the currency of your choice
  • Offering a competitive exchange rate when compared to most banks' retail rates
  • No transaction charges from Payment Solutions & Compliance for foreign currency
  • Availability of payment reference information from Western Union to ensure efficient BruinBill posting
  • Receiving text or email updates from Western Union to track your payment every step of the way.

To make a wire payment:

  1. Login to BruinBill and select Make Payment.
  2. Choose to pay by foreign currency and be redirected to the Western Union portal.
  3. Select where you’re paying from and who is paying.
  4. Obtain payment instructions from Western Union portal.
  5. Complete your student payment online or in-person. You may be required to submit a payment to your financial institution in person or online.

Please note: Foreign currency (or wire transfer) payments may take up to five business days to reflect on your BruinBill. If it has been longer than five business days and your payment is not reflected or you have questions about an in-progress foreign currency payment, please contact Western Union Business Solutions customer support team at + 1 (877) 218-8829 or +1(402) 884-3041 or email [email protected].

Please note: UCLA does not accept overpayments. Please transfer only the amount due on your BruinBill to avoid payment delays. Domestic wire payments are charged a $20.00 service fee by Western Union. PSC strongly encourages domestic payments to be made by electronic check, which has no associated service fee.

II. BruinBill Payment Disclosures

Please follow all of the guidelines listed for your payment type to ensure timely and accurate processing of your payment. PSC is not responsible for incomplete or inaccurate payments that may result in penalty charges and possible loss of classes for the student. It is the account holder’s responsibility to confirm that registration fees are paid on BruinBill. Please be advised of the scenarios below that may result in delay or cancellation of your payment processing.


A payment made to the University that exceeds the amount due on BruinBill at the time of receipt is considered a BruinBill overpayment. Overpayments are not accepted by the University. If you make an overpayment to BruinBill when paying by check, PSC will return the check to the sender. If you make an overpayment to BruinBill when paying by electronic funds transfer (EFT), PSC will only accept the amount due on BruinBill and the remaining amount will be returned to the sender via EFT.

If your payment is intended to cover expenses not listed on BruinBill, payment should be made out to and processed by the student, not the University.

Returned/Dishonored Payments

Credit/debit card, eCheck (ACH payment), or paper check BruinBill payments that are returned from the bank will result in a $25 fee and hold on the account. Payments may be returned for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, insufficient funds, incorrect account numbers or closed accounts. The payee is responsible for resolving these charges to bring the account back into good standing. Payments must clear a five business day holding period before the hold can be removed from the account. Please contact the Student Accounts office to have your hold lifted after the holding payment has cleared.  

Student Accounts reserves the right to restrict payment options on accounts with three returned check payments or one returned credit card payment. 

*Missing Information

For any payment submitted outside of the online BruinBill portal on MyUCLA, payment must be made out to UC Regents and include:

  • Student Name
  • Nine-digit University Identification Number (UID)
  • BruinBill Account Type (i.e. Registration Fees & Campus Charges, Housing, or Transportation)
Checks/Cashier’s Checks/Money Orders received with incomplete information will be mailed back to the sender. EFT payments submitted with incomplete information will be placed in a holding account until claimed by the student.