Access & Training for the BAR System

The information provided below outlines the necessary steps for new users to attain access to the Billing & Accounts Receivable (BAR) screens on the OASIS system. Access to additional screens in OASIS may require additional training or requests. For Registrar/Enrollment screen access, contact For Financial Aid screen access, contact the Financial Aid Office on the MyUCLA Message Center.

Who is eligible to receive BAR access?

To be eligible for BAR system access, you must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Completed FERPA training
  2. Possess an OASIS logon ID

What are the different kinds of bar access?

The Departmental Secuity Administrator should determine the type of BAR access that a new user requires. The two variations of BAR access are as follows:

  1. Inquiry access allows users to view account information.
  2. Update access allows users to view account information, post, and revise account charges (career staff only).

How do new users attain bar access?

In order to receive access to the BAR system, the steps below must be followed by the new user and their Departmental Security Administrator (DSA).

New User:

  1. Complete the Bar System Training for New Users e-learning course.
  2. Save the training completion certificate and send it to your DSA.


  1. Open a Service Access Request (SAR) on UCLA Service Now after the user has completed BAR training.
  2. Fill out the requested information and attach the new user’s BAR System Training completion certificate.
  3. An administrator will contact you when the new user’s BAR access has been assigned. Please allow three (3) business days for the SAR to be completed.

Can I retake the BAR Training E-Learning Course?

Users who have already completed the BAR Training E-Learning Course may refresh their knowledge of the BAR system at any time. The BAR System Training for Existing Users e-learning course flexibly allows users to review all or part of the BAR training. 

Learn more about the BAR system

For questions about receiving BAR access and the BAR E-Learning Course, contact Student Accounts on the MyUCLA Message Center.