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How to Post Charges in the BAR System

In order to have charges billed to students or non-students, UCLA departments must post charges for services or merchandise to the Billing and Accounts Receivable (BAR) system. Charges are entered into the BAR system either online or via batch upload.


Charges are posted online to BAR using any of the following screens, based on the user’s access. BAR system training will provide the nuances of each set of screens.

  • Use either screen 405 or screen 432 to post charges one at a time.
  • Use either screen 437 or screen 438 to post the same charge to multiple accounts for different amounts.
  • Use either screen 425 or screen 426 to post the same charge for the same amount to multiple accounts.

Batch Upload

Charges may also be uploaded to BAR via FTP using specified header and data formats. These instructions and the data layouts are in the BAR user manual provided during BAR system training.

Posting Process

When charges are posted to BAR:

  • The departmental revenue/income account is credited for the amount of the charge, even though the payment has not yet been received.
  • The BAR receivable account is debited for the amount of the charge.

When a payment is posted to BAR:

  • The associated receivable account is credited, resulting in a zero balance.
  • Do not deposit checks to your department's account for charges posted to BAR. Instead, have the Payment Solutions and Compliance (PSC) office post the payment to the customer's BAR account.