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CAO/CFO DACSS Reporting Review


On an annual basis, the Office of the Controller will request that CAOs/CFOs certify compliance with the UCLA Financial Policy and verify that appropriate controlling and monitoring procedures are performed. In support of this effort, CAOs/CFOs will need to review a series of reports to ensure that individuals with access to their departments is truly needed.  The following information is provided in order for the CAOs/CFOs to answer the following question that will appear on the Annual CAO/CFO Certification Questionnaire.

2024 DACSS Cert Question
2024 DACSS Cert Question

Important Dates:

  • January 30, 2024 - Reports are released by Org to Box
  • February 16, 2024 - Communication is sent to all CAOs/CFOs and DSAs regarding the availability of the reports and the need to begin reviewing reports
  • March 5, 2024 – First reminder is sent to all CAOs/CFOs and DSAs
  • April 2, 2024 – Second reminder is sent to all CAOs/CFOs and DSAs
  • April 30, 2024 - Review process ends in preparation for the Annual Certification Process that begins in May 2024

Disclaimer: It is assumed that once the DACSS question is answered during the CAO/CFO Certification process, all of the procedures listed below have been completed.


On an annual basis Chief Administrative Officers (CAO) and Department Security Administrator’s (DSA) need to evaluate whether access assigned within their dept is appropriate for the roles of employees. Please discuss with your DSAs, supervisors, manager and/or directors to confirm all access is appropriate.  

The following 5 reports assist in identifying all employees that have access to your department.

  1. Users with Access to a Specific Unit - Generates a listing of users who have a value-based function to a specific unit.
  2. Users and their Access by Appt Unit - Generates a listing of users and their assigned functions for a specific appointment (appt) unit – the 4‐digit code in DACSS identifying an employee’s payroll appointment unit according to UCPath.
  3. Users and their Student Access by Appt Unit - Generates a listing of users by their assigned UCPath unit who have Student Systems access.
  4. Reviewers by Appointment Dept - Generates a listing of reviewers by the department they are assigned to in UCPath. 
  5. QDB Users by Appt Unit - Generates a listing of users by appointment unit who have QDB (query database) access. The appointment unit is a feed from payroll; users may have multiple appointment units.


The following would need to be performed in order to review and make any necessary changes related to DACSS access.  

  • Step 1 - Download the 5 reports created for your Organization.
  • Step 2 - Filter by Department within each of the Excel Files
  • Step 3 - Review assigned DACSS functions for each employee
  • Step 4 - Discuss with your DSAs, supervisors, managers, and/or directors to confirm access is truly needed for the employee’s role
  • Step 5 - Process a SAR to remove/change access in DACSS

For assistance with System Access Request (SAR) contact: IT Services – Client Support (310) 825-8000 option 2

Where to find the reports:

The reports are stored in Box by Org.  Access the 2024 UCLA DACSS Reports.


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