Campus Financial Schedules

The table below contains the following schedules (PDF) by fiscal year:

  • Schedule A - Current Funds Receipts 
    Reports revenue by fund source.
  • Schedule B - Current Funds Expenditures by Uniform Classification Category
    Reports expenditures to the functional level of detail.
  • Schedule C - Current Funds Expenditures by Department
    Reports department's functional expenditures by organization.
  • Schedule D - Current Funds Expenditures by Fund Source
    Reports functional expenditures by fund source.

The Campus Financial Schedules are prepared at the end of each fiscal year to detail current funds receipts and expenditures. Within each schedule, current funds are categorized as either unrestricted or restricted. Current unrestricted funds can be used for any institutional purpose designated by The Regents. Current restricted funds are subject to special restrictions established by various outside sources in accordance with the purpose established by the source of the given funds.

  • Current funds are used primarily to account for transactions directly related to the three missions of the University: Instruction, Research and Public Service.
  • Current funds are also used for supporting students and campus programs: Academic Support, Auxiliary enterprises, Institutional Support, Medical Centers, Operations and Maintenance of plant, Student Financial Aid and Student Services.

Each of the 10 categories above identifies a functional activity on which the expenditure schedules are based. In addition to the functional activities, the expenditure schedules identify the distribution of expenses by salary and wages, other expenditures and transfers.