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FS Month-End Deadlines

Fiscal Year: 2023-2024

The following Web Applications: Online TOF, NON-PEAR, Recharges, Journals and the General Ledger

  [Deadline Time: 8 p.m.] [Deadline Time: 8 p.m.]
MONTH & yEAR Deadline Day Deadline Date
December 2023 Monday 1/8/2024
January 2024 Wednesday 2/7/2024
February 2024 Thursday 3/7/2024
March 2024 Tuesday 4/9/2024
April 2024 Wednesday 5/8/2024
May 2024 Friday 6/7/2024
June 2024 TBD TBD

Normal month end deadline 5 business days after month-end except for March which reflects 2 extra days due to UCPath.  April also reflects 1 extra day due to UCPath and June which will be determined by FYE schedule.

Inquiries can be submitted via: