General Funds


The majority of general funds are provided by state funding as indicated in the California state budget. Additional sources of money directed to general funds come from fees the University collects, such as application for admission fees, nonresident tuition and a portion of prior year indirect cost recovery from federally funded projects.


General funds are identified by the fund range 19900 – 19999 and are spent within the overall constraints of the approved state budget and in accordance with the state and the University’s policy and guidelines. General funds are intended to be used for the general operating purposes of the University’s mission in teaching, research and public service, as well as essential supporting activities. 


There are several 199XX funds within the general funds range. The breakdown and description of individual funds appears in the list below. Please note the following additional information with regard to these funds:

  • Funds 19900 and 19935 in most cases, are allocated on a permanent basis to departments for general operating purposes and are adjusted annually in accordance with the President's allocation letter.
  • Funds 19904-19906 and 19914 are allocated to UCLA on a permanent basis for a specific purpose. 
    • For the following funds, a campus department or faculty member can apply for special project funding:
      • 19904 – Teaching excellence, funds allocated to campus by Office of Instructional Development (OID). 
      • 19905 – Instructional equipment replacement, funds allocated by Academic Planning and Budget (APB).
      • 19914 – Academic senate grant, funds allocated by Academic Senate office. 
    • Funds for instructional use of computers (19906) are maintained within Academic Technology Services (ATS).
  • Funds 19907-19910, 19915, 19918-19919, 19927-19929, 19950-19958 identify various UC sponsored programs for which a proposal must be submitted to the funding program. Funds are allocated based on approved proposals and spending must adhere to UC policies and the rules of the agreement.
  • Fund 19939 for intercampus grants, awards and support funded by general funds under fund number 19900 (including Pac Rim, UC MEXUS, Roman Reed, UC DARNet, etc.) replaced the 19900 fund number in 2006. This newer fund enables UCLA to differentiate between 19900 campus funds and intercampus grant funds. 

    Note: Under fund 19939 the benefits pools will not automatically cover benefit expenses. If you feel a grant should be covered by the benefits pool please send an email to General Accounting and Academic Planning and Budget, detailing how your department has already contributed to the benefits pool for the position being paid on this grant.

General Funds List

 Fund Number Title
 19900 General Funds
 19904 U/G Teaching Excellence
 19905 Instructional Equipment Replacement
 19906 Instructional Use of Computers
 19907 Micro - Microelectronics Research
 19908 Biotechnology Research
 19909 Toxic Substances Research
 19910 Academic Geriatrics Resource Program
 19914 General Funds - Academic Senate Grants
 19915 IUCRP - Biotechnology
 19916 Reg Fee Funded Prog Supported By Gen Fnd
 19918 IUCRP - Digital Media
 19919 IUCRP - Electronics Manufacturing
 19921 General Education Program
 19923 K-12 Teacher Development Programs
 19924 Student Academic Preparation
 19925 Substance Abuse Research - UCSF
 19926 UCOP Administrative Systems
 19927 IUCRP - Headquarters
 19928 IUCRP - IT for Life Sciences
 19929 IUCRP - Communications & Networking
 19932 Calif Institute for Science & Innovation
 19933 UC General Fund/Federal Overhead
 19939 General Funds - Grants - Benefits Not Covered - UCLA
 19935 UC General Fund/Enrollment Growth - UCLA
 19950 Water Resources Center
 19951 Genetic Resources
 19953 Mosquito Research
 19955 Sustainable Agriculture
 19958 Salinity Drainage Research
 19980 Medical Malpractice Insurance
 19990 Compensated Absences - General Fund
 19995 Offset Capital Expenditures - General Fund