Intercampus Recharge or Expense Transfer

Need to transfer an expense from UCLA to another UC campus? 

Use the UCLA "Interdepartmental Recharge Request" form found in Related Information. 

  • The types of expense that can be transferred on this form:
    • Approved sales & service unit recharge to another campus
    • By agreement - share of an expense, in full or part, with another campus. The transfer of expense can be initiated after the expense has posted to the General Ledger.
  • Mail the completed form to UCLA General Accounting "Recharge Desk" (MC 143348). 

Coming in 2012/13 – Create your INTERCAMPUS Recharge and Non-PEARs Online - no more paper

The online Intercampus Recharge and Non-PEAR is the last step in alleviating paper forms for input to the UCLA financial system.

Currently in the last phase of development, the Intercampus Recharge and N-PEAR application will be only for users of the UCLA financial system to create the transaction. It will not be for receiving recharges from another campus. 

Since each campus has its own accounting system and we are not electronically connected, it will not be an electronic exchange of the transaction. 

The online Recharge and Non-PEAR applications will have a free form dialog box for the other campus’ account information. That information will NOT be validated by UCLA; it will be structured as a memo. After end-of-day FS processing, an email version of the Recharge or N-PEAR form will be sent to a preset email address for the Financial Control desk at the other campus. The receiving campus will then need to respond to the notification of transfer of expense.