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Report Codes and Values for the Financial System

Below are links to PDF files detailing the various reporting code and values used in the Financial System. The values contained in this list are a supplement to the FS-QDB Data Dictionary for those attributes that contain numerous values and are not self descriptive.

 Account Profile Codes: 
  Academic Discipline Codes (DIS)  Account Class and Type Codes
  Account Program Codes  Annual Report Codes (ARC)
  Function Codes       A.  Schools/Colleges
  NSF Discipline Codes       B.  Hospital, Plant and Financial Aid
  Systemwide Administrative Unit (SAU) Codes       C.  Services
  UCOP Account Group Codes (AGC)  Uniform Accounting Structure (UAS) Code
 Fund Profile Codes: 
        This list is still under development as of 3/27/08